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Order South East Asian cuisine with foodpanda

South East Asian cuisine is a very general type of cuisine, because we can talk about Burmese, Singaporean, Vietnamese and other ones. All these cuisines come from South East Asia, a part of the world with a very rich gastronomic culture and very different from other in the way of cooking as well as ingredients. In many of the South East Asian cultures, food plays an important role; it is, for example, the centerpiece of every important social meetings, and food is always served as a gift to every guest you may have at home. Usually, a full South East Asian meal consists of rice, vegetables and meat or seafood dishes, and in case there is a vegetarian person, offering more boiled and grilled vegetables and taking out the meat is an option. Thanks to the various sauces, every meal has a strong but great taste.

South East Asian cuisine: free home delivery thanks to foodpanda

Now you can enjoy this food at home, with an easy ordering process, through our free App for Android or iOS. Just tell us your location, choose a restaurant that offers South East Asian cuisine, place an order, and leave a message in the comment box to the chef exactly how you want your order, and finally choose the payment method. It only takes 2 minutes! After eat your food, please give us a feedback about how it was; your opinion is important to us to keep improving our service. Enjoy your food and do not hesitate to order again!