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Order Punjabi cuisine through Foodpanda

This unique cuisine has its origins in the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. The one thing that makes this cuisine unique is the range of various dishes that belong under it; further point is the difference in taste between the ones prepared in restaurants and at home. Restaurant prepared Punjabi dishes tend to have rich amounts of clarified butter and cream, whereas the homemade Punjabi dishes concentrate mainly on ingredients such as whole wheat, rice as well as ingredients that have been specially flavored with masala, consisting of garlic, ginger and onion. A typical Punjabi dish can be prepared in different ways. The most common Paratha, Halwa poori and Lassi dishes are usually enjoyed for breakfast; vegetarian dishes such as Sarson da saag, Dal makhani, Rajma and rice, Shahi Paneer, Khoya Paneer, or Sheer korma and non- vegetarian dishes like Tandoori chicken, Butter chicken, Chicken tikka, Kunna Gosht, or Biryanis made of lamb, chicken or beef can be enjoyed as main dishes for either lunch or dinner. The lists of dishes as well as the ingredients used for the preparation that fall under the Punjabi cuisine are endless.

Punjabi cuisine: real Indian taste at Foodpanda

Go on the Foodpanda website or mobile and tablets app, select the Punjabi filter and go through the list of 450+ available restaurants and select your favorite one in your area; further, choose the dishes you are craving and add them to your cart, making sure to look at the assortment of appetizers and desert available. Finally, proceed to checkout your order and now all you have to do is await the delivery of your favorite Punjabi dish by Foodpanda straight to your doorstep.