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Multi-cuisine is a cuisine that consists of a number of various cuisines put together and offered from certain restaurants. This type of Multi-cuisine is famous in India and is offered by a number of restaurants and equally enjoyed by many. Due to the fact that the Multi-cuisine has various dishes to choose from, it makes it more convenient for the customers to order a combination of various cuisines and receive it as one combined dish.

foodpanda with an extensive list of more than 530 restaurants offering Multi-cuisine is the best choice when looking to order online. foodpanda brings you the best multi cuisine restaurants to choose from such as the Garden Treat in Mumbai, Angrezee Dhaba in Gurgaon, Biryani Central in Bangalore, Hyderabad House in Hyderabad, or the Happy Hakka in Noida, just to name the very few. Go on the foodpanda website, select the Multi- cuisine filter and go through the list of 500+ available restaurants and select your favorite one in your area; further choose the dishes you are craving and add them to your cart, making sure to look at the assortment of appetizers, toppings and deserts available. Finally, proceed to checkout your order and now all you have to do is await the delivery of your favorite dish straight to your doorstep.

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