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Mughlai cuisine: enjoy it with Foodpanda

The Mughlai cuisine is a special method or style of cooking that has come to develop in India during the Mughlai Empire between the years of 1500 to mid- 1800’s and has major influences from North India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Further, Mughlai can have slightly different tastes and aroma from region to region due to the difference the amount and type of spices and additives used depending on regional preferences; the spiciness of the Mughlai dishes can also vary accordingly. As the Mughlai cuisine has Persian influence to a certain extent, most of the dishes have names that have been derived or adopted from the Persian language. Some of the famous Mughlai dishes that can be found in many of the larger cities around the world are Kebab, Biryani , Pulao, Nihari and Kofta, to name the very few; when it comes to vegetarian dishes, fresh Paneer is used as it is customary in preparing vegetarian dishes in India.

Order Mughlai cuisine online through Foodpanda

If you are craving any of the tasty Mughlai dishes the cuisine has to offer, then Foodpanda is your best choice. All you have to do is go on the Foodpanda website or download the app, and select the Mughlai filter on the left- hand side of the restaurants page; then look through all the available 190+ restaurants such as the Flavor of Mughals in Gurgaon, Gulati Spice Market and Grill on a Hill in Delhi, Hangla’s in Mumbai, or Hyderabad House in Hyderabad that offer the Mughlai cuisine and select your favorite one in your vicinity. Now all you have to do is pick out the dish you are craving, including appetizer, dessert and extras; finally proceed to checkout your order and await the delivery of your favorite Mughlai dish straight to your doorstep by Foodpanda