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Fast Food is the name given to any type of food that can be prepared as well as served in a short amount of time; although many food sorts can fit into this category, it is usually considered a fast food if it is prepared using pre-cooked ingredients and materials and served in a packaging that can be taken away and thrown out after eating the food. A further feature of a fast food vendor could be that there need not necessarily be a seating place or shelter provided, such as can be seen in stands and kiosks. From country to country, what is considered a fast food differs; Foodpanda has a wide range of restaurants with your favorite fast food. Nowadays, there are more than a few fast food outlets in any populated are; most mid- to large sized vendors have a drive-through service with which the customer can place their order and pick up their food without having to exit their vehicles. In the traditional sense, any type of Fast Food is meant and prepared to be eaten as finger food, on-the-go without the need for any cutlery.

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