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Order cake delivery online

The word, “cake,” is stemmed from the old Scandinavian word, “kaka.” Any oven-baked sweet victual that is made from a combination of ingredients such as butter, sugar and flour is called as “cake,” according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Cakes are usually eaten as desserts worldwide. The traditional style of English afternoon tea is having a cup of hot tea with cakes. Today, there are different sizes and shapes of cakes. Two of the shapes are madeleines, which are shell-like and cupcakes, which are cuplike; both of these cakes are suitably sized for one person. Cakes in the form of balls are cake balls while those that were made using a Bundt pan for clear ring shapes are called Bundt cakes. With foodpanda’s order cake delivery online facility, you can pick from sheet, layer, conical and other shapes of enticing cakes for enjoyment with your afternoon tea at home or office.

Best cake home delivery for any occasion

There are many varieties of cakes based mainly on mixing methods and ingredients. Some of them are butter cakes, sponge cakes, coffee cakes, chocolate cakes and chiffon cakes. Eggs are usually favoured to make cakes since beaten eggs act as a leavening agent. During the olden days, yeast was used as a leavening agent. It was replaced by beaten eggs after some time. Even today, some bakers don’t use any baking soda and simply rely on beaten eggs to do the work of leavening agent. Since many Indians are lacto-vegetarians, some of the aforementioned varieties of cakes are made without the use of eggs in India. Whether it is to have iced, decorated or plain cakes for a last minute tea gathering or celebration at home, now you can order from best bakeries in India via foodpanda for delivery to your house’s very doorstep.

Buy cake online and cherish each mouthful at your leisure

With foodpanda’s order cake delivery online feature, you can purchase whatever eggless or egged cake you desire online and cherish each mouthful at your leisure wherever you wish. Here are a number of tempting cakes that you should taste once with foodpanda’s order cake delivery online 

  • Thinking Of You Cakery – brighten up your day with the look of the restaurant’s red coloured cake. This cream cheese layered cake has ingredients such as flour, cocoa and buttermilk. With foodpanda’s order cake delivery online, you can choose a cake that weighs 500 g or 1 kg.
  • Bake Store Baker’s – don’t resist the sinful temptation of the outlet’s Black Forest Cake. With origins from Germany, where it is commonly known as Black Forest cherry-torte, this rich cake has various layers of chocolate sponge cake, which are crammed with whipped cream and cherries.
  • Stop ‘N’ Go Bakers & Confectioners – for a taste of the favoured English cake from the eighteenth century and beyond, try the outlet’s Plum Cake. It is a kind of fruit cake, which has plums as its main ingredient. You can pick from 150 g, 1 kg and other weights of the cake, sliced or whole.

You will be able to find all this restaurants and more in many cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and more!