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Home delivery restaurants in Udaipur

Did you know that some scenes of the James Bond film, Octopussy were shot in Udaipur? Even Rudyard Kipling mentioned this city, calling it Oodeypore, in his book, The Jungle Book. Considering its various scenic lakes and majestic Rajput palaces, this is hardly surprising. Dubbed "The Venice of the East", Udaipur, is a huge city in India's western state, Rajasthan. Many of those who live in this beautiful city are Vaishnavites and Jains, believing in Lord Krishna as the Supreme God and following Rishabha Dev's teachings respectively. As such, they are pure vegetarians, eating a lot of lentil and vegetable dishes that are cooked using special Rajasthani spices. Sangri and deep-fried breads are very popular Udaipur cuisine. With the existence of home delivery restaurants in Udaipur, enjoying well-liked Udaipur cuisine at home or office without the burden of cooking is possible.

Best advice: Online food order in Udaipur

Considering food is a necessity, it is part of the family budget. Eating out now and then for a change is something that the majority of families do. The secret to saving money is undoubtedly  online food order in Udaipur through foodpanda. Restaurants such as Sugar Divine and Kanika Restaurant make free delivery of beverages and food available to anywhere in the city, allowing you to save transport money. There is also the unbelievable amount of savings when orders are made online via foodpanda. For example, a current promotion gives you the chance to save 50 percent off any order when it is made using a smartphone and 30 percent off any order when it is made using a desktop or laptop.

Great way to enjoy food: Home delivery restaurants in Udaipur

There is an opportunity to choose from over six restaurants that cater to Chinese, American, Italian, South Indian, Mexican, North Indian and other kinds of cuisines on foodpanda. So there is no shortage of options when it comes to ordering or sampling various cuisines in Udaipur. Here are a few tasty dishes for your consideration:

  • Indian breads like Garlic Cheese Paratha, which is served with curd
  • Pizzas like Mexican Cashew Pizza for lunch or dinner
  • Sandwiches such as Aloo Tikki Sandwich for tea or as a snack
  • Divine ice creams like Bavarian Chocolate

Foods for the Soul: Home delivery restaurants in Udaipur

Vegetarians normally enjoy foods for the soul like green vegetables, nuts, and lentils. But, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy what you are eating or sample various styles of vegetarian food. For example, there are the delicious Pineapple Sandwich and special Jain Pizza from Kanika Restaurant for your enjoyment. For a fusion of Chinese and Indian, try the spicy Potato Schezwan with Butter Roti or Desserts or Biryani from Night Food. Together with your meal, enjoy the healthy benefits of Sugar Divine's Kokam Juice.