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South Indian restaurants in Pune offer great-value meals

South Indian cuisine has taken India by storm, with numerous “Udipi” restaurants introducing their unique preparations to gourmets all across the country – in regions as far removed from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka as Punjab, Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.

The appeal of South Indian food lies in its being rich in fibre, proteins, and nutrients. Besides being healthful, it offers great variety, with dishes ranging from quick snacks to sumptuous thalis. There’s plenty for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, so if you decide to go South Indian with your next meal, you won’t have to compromise. There are dozens of South Indian eateries in Pune, so identify the ones in your side of town and pay them a visit. Or, if you prefer, order take-out.

If you aren’t sure which ones to begin with, this list should help:

Some South Indian restaurants in Pune worth discovering

  • Clove n Pepper: located at Pimple Nilakh, this new eatery has a wide selection of soups, starters, and dishes – veg and non veg, including Chinese.
  • Brahmanand Pure Vegetarian: if you’ve never tried a Schezwan Masala Dosa or a Kaju Pav Bhaji, head straight for this place. All its listed items are available for express delivery (no minimum order!), so if you wish to place an order online for South Indian food home delivery in Pune give this joint a try.
  • Celebration’s Food Junction: dosas, uttapams, idlis, grilled sandwiches, stuffed parathas, as well as belly-filling meals… it’s all served at this popular gourmet junction.
  • Sharvas Pure Vegetarian: this newbie at Kharadi dishes out generous thalis, lip-smacking milk shakes, and South Indian platters and specialities.
  • Halka Fulka Pure Veg: located at Wakkad, this place serves everything from Rajma and Cholle Masala to Palak Paneer and Dal Makhani.
  • Zakkas: sitting on the Pune-Satara route, this eatery is good for dosas, uttapams, and traditional Indian snacks. Bhindi fry, baingan masala, and paneer butter masala are some of its more popular dishes.
  • Kerala Fast Food: this Khadki eatery serves as a great introduction to Kerala cuisine. Discover the authentic flavours of kappa vevichadu, appam, fish curry, and other favourite South Indian dishes. If you want to order Kerala and Tamil food delivery in Pune, you’ll be served real fast as Kerala Fast Food!
  • G1’s Vishwa: a good place for crispy wadas and dosas and scrumptious sandwiches. For a thirst quencher, try the Kokam Cooler or the Tangy Raw Mango Cooler.

Order online for South Indian food home delivery in Pune

Think about all those hot, crunchy wadas! Those crispy dosas! That pair of steamy, fluffy, idlis! Better still, stop thinking and order right away! To place an order online for South Indian food home delivery in Pune, visit and so a quick search for South Indian restaurants in Pune. Search again for those that are in your locality, then fix on one and choose your dishes from its online menu.

After you’ve filled your shopping basket, finalise your purchase by paying with credit card – or choosing cash on delivery – and wait for the order to be sent to your address.

As a southerner would say: ‘Ssiimbly!’