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Convenient Lebanese food delivery in Pune service

Located on Mutha River’s right banks in the large state of Maharashtra, Pune was the former seat of the olden Maratha Empire. Puneites generally favour pearl millet and sorghum as their staple diet. Pune boasts many local specialities like Puran Poli and Pav Bhaji. For those who are bored with eating local Pune dishes or yearn to try something different, there are choices of restaurants that serve tantalising Lebanese cuisine in the large city of Pune. With foodpanda’s association with various Lebanese food outlets in Pune, now, Puneites can enjoy efficient Lebanese food delivery in Pune for taking great pleasure in various Lebanese style dishes wherever they desire.

Order Lebanese cuisine restaurant home delivery in Pune online

Three of the most popular Lebanese dishes are undoubtedly pita bread, hummus or humus and falafel. Pita bread refers to a kind of soft, slightly leavened bread that is made from ingredients like salt and wheat flour. Deep-fried patties that are mainly made from fava beans or chickpeas or both are normally called as falafel. Nowadays, there are various styles of falafel wraps that are favoured in India and elsewhere. Hummus or humus refers to the food dip that is made from tahini, olive oil, chickpeas and garlic paste. Tahini refers to the paste that is made from sesame seeds. It is commonly used to make various Lebanese dishes. With foodpanda’s Lebanese food delivery in Pune facility, you can view the menus of various restaurants that offer Lebanese food items and request for delivery of your order to your preferred location in Pune.

Speedy delivery of falafel, hummus and baklava delivery in Pune

Various food outlets open each day to serve delightful Lebanese victuals to Puneites with order Lebanese cuisine restaurant home delivery in Pune online. Some of the key Pune places where prompt Lebanese cuisine delivery is sure:

  • Bund Garden
  • Ajmera
  • Sakore Nagar
  • Ramwadi
  • Viman Nagar

Tasting great Lebanese falafel, hummus and baklava delivery in Pune

With foodpanda’s falafel, hummus and baklava delivery in Pune, those wanting to sample Lebanese style sweets, meals and other items have numerous picks. Here are merely a few great Lebanese food items that you must taste once:

  • Café Arabia - don’t miss sampling this food outlet's Zaatar Chicken Salad. Many grilled chicken strips together with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers are tossed together with olive oil, lemon juice and zaatar herbs for making this great salad
  • Cafe Arabia - enjoy the restaurant's wonderful Lamb Shawarma as a light meal or as a nutritious snack. Boneless lamb strips, sauces, salad and fries are wrapped together in a pita bread to make the restaurant's Lamb Shawarma