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Convenient ordrer online sushi delivery in Pune facility

Formerly known as Poona during the British rule, Pune, which is Maharashtra’s cultural capital, is strategically situated on Mutha River’s banks. It is well-known nationwide for its IT and manufacturing industries. Another thing that makes Pune famous is its special food and drink items such as Mango Mastani and Bhakarwadi. Mango Mastani, which is Pune’s version of a mango milkshake, is a cool, thick, creamy drink with a topping of dried fruits, cut fruits, whipped cream or ice cream.

Another item that is very much favoured by Puneites is Bhakarwadi. This crispy snack is made from ingredients like flour and spices. Apart from enjoying these local specialities, Puneites can also look forward for the chance to sample various Japanese dishes after a hard day’s work at home, thanks to foodpanda’s convenient ordrer online sushi delivery in Pune facility.

Sampling Japanese dishes from Japanese restaurants in Pune

Short-grained, mildly fragrant, steamed rice is practically an everyday food item in the majority of Japanese households. Another two similarly popular items are sake and miso soup. Sake, which can be taken hot or cold, refers to a type of rice wine. Miso soup is usually made from ingredients like dashi, potatoes, onions, tofu, wakame and miso paste. The technique to making the soup is to select ingredients that sink in the soup like potatoes and ingredients that float like wakame, a type of sea vegetable.

Dashi refers to the Japanese version of stock that is commonly used in Japanese cooking. Fermented soy beans, salt and other items are used to make the miso paste. One of the world famous Japanese dishes is sushi, which refers to little rolls of vinegar-flavoured rice that have vegetable, raw seafood or egg garnishing. With foodpanda’s ordrer online sushi delivery in Pune facility, you can now sample various kinds of sushi and other Japanese dishes at your residence or office in Pune.

Swift, efficient Japanese cuisine home delivery in Pune

Various Japanese restaurants in Pune open their doors each day to delight Puneites with tempting Japanese meals for lunch, dinner or supper. Some of the prominent Pune locations where swift, efficient Japanese cuisine delivery is certain:

  • Hinjewadi Chowk
  • Hinjewadi Phase 1
  • Range Hill Road

Must try Japanese victuals from Japanese restaurants in Pune

With foodpanda’s Japanese cuisine home delivery in Pune, those yearning to taste Japanese style main courses, desserts and more have ample options. Below are a few must try Japanese food items:

  • Talk About Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Bar – enjoy the unique taste of this restaurant’s Chicken Yakisoba for dinner, supper or lunch. Soba refers to thin Japanese noodles that are made from buckwheat flour. The noodles are stir-fried together with ingredients like vegetables and chicken to make Chicken Yakisoba
  • Talk About Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Bar – if you love prawns or anything that is grilled, don’t miss the pleasure of sampling the outlet’s Japanese style grilled prawns, Prawns Yakitori. It is served together with teriyaki sauce and makes a great starter for your meal
  • Talk About Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Bar – for a light and nutritious meal, try the food outlet’s Chicken Yaki Udon. Udon, which refers to a type of thick Japanese noodles that are made from wheat flour, are pan-fried together with ingredients like chicken and vegetables to make Chicken Yaki Udon