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Pune’s fast food: a treat to the foodie’s taste buds

Pune is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history. The city has a laid-back ambiance that leaves tourists addicted and yearning to come back visit it again. Travelers from around the world come here for different reasons business, fun, spiritual etc. People spend months at Osho Ashram, a world-renowned meditation centre while another drive down for the wildest parties ever.  The Puneities are also known for their fondness of food. There is a multitude of street foods available at various fast food restaurants across the city.

Vada Pav is the first name that comes to one’s mind whenever we talk about any Maharashtrian city’s fast food. However, the fast food in the city has evolved in the past few years. The city has its own variety of fast food ranging from sweets, mastani (thick milkshake), light snacks, buns, sandwiches and fried spicy snacks (such as kanda bhajji etc). Some of the most popular street foods of Pune are:

  • Bhel: a spicy puffed rice mix
  • Pani puri: they are puffy little crispy dics filled with boiled potato & gram and sour or sweet flavoured water.
  • Kacchi dabeli: it’s a kind of sandwich
  • Puneri Misal pav: It’s a spicy snack usually eaten with bread or pav is an absolute treat to the taste buds. It is usually eaten with bread or pav

Pune has over 181 fast food restaurants spread across the city catering to the needs of locals as well as outstation students and office goers residing in the city. From Gujarati, Hyderabadi, Rajasthani, South Indian or Bengali dishes from the Indian cuisine to Thai, Chinese, Italian or Mexican dishes from the global scenario the city has something to offer for every taste. 

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The wide range of cuisines and the sheer number of fast food restaurants that this city hosts, there is a stiff competition among the vendors. Hence, each place has something unique to offer on its already rich fast food menu list. Some of the most popular fast food restaurants in the city are RushHrs, Food United, Central Perk 7, café patisserie, eatsome etc. However, the only setback about these popular restaurants is the annoyingly long wait before your turn comes, as people turn out in huge numbers at the best fast food restaurants. And it can seem all the worse after a long hectic day at work or on weekends when you just want to relax at home.

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