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Place an order online for Continental dishes delivery in Pune

The gourmet culture is alive and thriving, as is evident from the wide variety of culinary wonders that have made the food scene. In India – especially in her progressive, cosmopolitan metros – one may experience cuisines that, only a decade or so ago, would’ve remained in the realm of wishful thinking: Mexican and Japanese, for example, or even Thai or Lebanese.

Compared with these, Continental cuisine (mainly French and Italian) is well known to Indian epicureans. Talk to any inveterate foodie and he will wax eloquent about Shrimp Fra Diavolo, Fusilli with Tuna and Tomato Sauce, Ratatouille, Boeuf Bourguignon, or Confit de Canard. In Pune, Continental is served in quite a few eateries, so if you want a break from the usual, take a gander at our list and decide in advance which establishment to head for when you next eat out.

Of course, if you don’t fancy travelling to a distant (though reputable) restaurant and having to endure sluggish traffic, you may place an order online for Continental dishes delivery in Pune, directly to your doorstep.

Start with these popular Continental restaurants in Pune

  • Where Else Cafe: located in Viman Nagar, this cheerily colourful restaurant gets top marks for its Parmesan Pesto Salad, Chicken Wings, Cheesy Nachos, and quick, friendly service.
  • Salad Castle: this Kalyani Nagar outlet has an extensive delivery menu, so take a look at it. The Teriyaki Grilled Chicken, Grilled Chicken Pasta, and Poultry Salad Combo are worth a try.
  • Café Rova: the denizens of Kharadi can enjoy this establishment’s delicious buffet breakfast in a relaxed environment enhanced by fine music.
  • Cafe Classic: through its outlets at Pimple Saudagar and Wakkad, this place deals out delicious rolls, burgers, and crispy fried chicken (among other delicacies).
  • Café Zoromo: try the chicken omlette, the chicken cheese grill, and the veg pasta delight.
  • Arctic: this renowned seafood joint in Kalyani Nagar, charms gourmets with its Lobster Thermidor, Tuscany Crab, and Butter Garlic Prawns, among other fine dishes.
  • Spago Fusion: based in Baner, an eatery with a menu as wide as the Mediterranean. Continental favourites include Insalata Calabrese Pasta Non-Veg, Pasta de Arrabbiata, and the Caprese and Chicken Crostini Platter.

The abovementioned are just a few restaurants among many others in Pune that feature Continental food on the menu in Pune. The easiest way to enjoy their wonders is to visit the foodpanda online gateway. It’s your single-window contact with many of the best restaurants in Pune, and the first choice of foodies who want to order home delivery.

Continental cuisine with the foodpanda connexion

You don’t have to know French or Italian to place an order for the delicacies of the Continent. All you need is a computer (or a phone) and a raging appetite!

Just log on to and use the search panel to find out where the multicuisine restaurants serving Continental are located in Pune. After that, fine-search for eateries in your side of town. Then fix on one that’s promising and pick and choose from its menu, filling your shopping basket and confirming your order at check-out with a credit card payment.

You can thus order from a variety of establishments and leave it to foodpanda to coordinate with them to have your order sent to your address.

You could also use foodpanda’s Android/Microsoft/iOS phone app to place an order, so have it installed on your phone, should you wish to try it.