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Order Food Online in Viman Nagar for Delivery

Today, Viman Nagar is a residential neighbourhood in Maharashtra's second biggest city, Pune. It was initially established because of Pune's booming IT industry. KPO, software development and BPO companies together with various call centres set themselves up in Viman Nagar. But, as time went on, other neighbourhoods became the focus for various industries including the IT industry. As such, Viman Nagar's popularity as an industrial area waned. Instead, it became one of the most sought-after residential hubs. Among its well-established places are Phoenix Market City, Sakore Nagar and Datta Mandir Chowk. Viman Nagar's rise as a key residential area understandably brought about the convenience of home delivery food in Viman Nagar by means of foodpanda, which is viewable on a smartphone or laptop. Now, residents of all the different areas of Pune as Shivaji Nagar or Magarpatta City or Amanora can sample Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Mexican, Continental, Punjabi and other variants of cuisines at a leisurely pace at home.

Multitudes of Dishes: Home Delivery Food in Viman Nagar

Both pearl millet and sorghum are Viman Nagar residents' staple diet. Among the neighbourhood's common drinks and dishes are Mastani, Panipuri and Bhakarwali. Mastani is Viman Nagar's version of milk shake that is combined with ice cream and dried fruits. Items like wheat flour, poppy seeds, gram flour and chilli powder are used to make the spicy, round-shaped and deep-fried Bhakarwali. Panipuri refers to a round, deep-fried bread, which contains a filling of flavoured water, potato, tamarind chutney, onion and others. If you are racking your brains about Where are restaurants near me in Viman Nagar?, then stop doing so and simply visit us. The popularity of Viman Nagar as a premier residential hub resulted in the establishment of numerous restaurants serving fast food, main courses, desserts and more. There is also the advantage of being able to place your orders via foodpanda for a specific type of cuisine from a specialised restaurant. For example, with Mexican food in Viman Nagar, you get to enjoy burritos and others from Picantos Mexican Grill.

Special Victuals: Restaurants near me in Viman Nagar

With online pizza order in Viman Nagar, you can pick from different food outlets that specialise in making genuine Italian pizzas. There are Laziz Pizza, Dominos, Papa John's and others. Whether it is a pizza or any other food item, here is a basic list of must-try victuals that you can sample with order food online in Viman Nagar:

  • Picantos Mexican Grill - sample the Mexican style Chicken Enchiladas, which refer to corn tortillas ( thin, flat breads) that have a filling of chicken, beans, potatoes and others topped with a chilli pepper sauce
  • Laziz Pizza - enjoy the unique taste of Laziz Butter Chicken pizza, which has ingredients like capsicum, butter chicken and onion
  • China Express - relish the taste of Thahi Kwat Soup, which is made from chicken, prawn, coriander, mushroom and other ingredients

For a birthday or anniversary celebration at your place, simply make use of foodpanda's online cake delivery in Viman Nagar for placing an order of the heavenly Dutch Truffle Cake or fruity Mango Kiwi Crush Cake from Cake-O-Licious.