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Located between Ram Nadi and Baner Hill on a tributary of the Mula Rver, Baner Pashan Link Road is a lovely residential area which connects the Baner and Pashan neighbourhoods of the city of Pune. Predominantly occupied with residential apartments, this area supplies its residents with plenty of amenities such as grocery stores and banks, making it a very comfortable place to live. Not only that, but the scenery is very ambient here too; the Baner Hill trek being a favourite pass time amongst local residents. Conveniently, there are plenty of delightful restaurants in this area too, serving up cuisine from almost every corner of the globe. Placing an order for food online in Baner Pashan Link Road couldn't be easier and with foodpanda at your side, there is no reason why you should have to cook for yourself. The locality is very easy to navigate and as this part of the city is relatively new, everything is easy to find. To take advantage of the foodpanda service, just search for 'restaurants near me in Baner Pashan Link Road' and enjoy the convenience of food delivery any time you need.

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Chinese food food in Baner Pashan Link Road

If it's Chinese food food in Baner Pashan Link Road that you're looking for, you'll never struggle to locate a decent restaurant with foodpanda at your side. We work with more than 30 Chinese restaurants in this area alone and they are all terrific, take our word for it. However, what if Chinese food isn't your preferred flavour today? Don't worry, you can make an online pizza order in Baner Pashan Link Road by employing the same delivery operator. There are almost ten restaurants in this area who can whip you up a delicious pizza within the time it will take you to send an email, not to mention that a number of these are authentic Italian restaurants too. Why not treat yourself to dessert and ask for online cake delivery in Baner Pashan Link Road as well, you know you deserve it!

Why order food online in Baner Pashan Link Road?

Choosing home delivery of food in Baner Pashan Link Road will give you that extra time you need to take care of other important things in your life. You can have your grub delivered to the home or workplace and if you are the type who likes to plan ahead, congratulations,, so do we! With foodpanda, you can order food online in Baner Pashan Link Road for delivery at the time of your choice, and also we delivery in other districs like: Aundh Gaon or Balewadi.