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The old district of Aundh Gaon in Pune has developed so rapidly that it can’t be described as a village any more. In fact, Aundh Gaon would be indistinguishable from the urban sprawl of Aundh, defined by upscale residential localities, recreational spots, health clubs, hotels, big-brand retail stores, and restaurants. You can also check other districts like, Balewadi, or Baner

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Dozens of restaurants participate in the foodpanda restaurant-to-home food delivery service. Here are a few that have won rave reviews from customers, so you could start with them to order food online in Aundh Gaon and then gradually extend your reach:

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foodpanda provides a gateway to a wide range of restaurants, not just in Aundh Gaon but all over the world. If you wish to order food online in Aundh Gaon, use the foodpanda website search facility to find the dish or restaurant you want. For example, if you want to order online cake delivery in Aundh Gaon, go to the Cuisines list and pick Cakes-Bakery. Search for the cake shops in our network, then load your shopping basket with selections from their menus and confirm your order at check-out so foodpanda can have it delivered to you.

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  • Café Chokolade is all about shakes, shakes and more shakes, although it does offer a limited range of pizzas, sandwiches, snacks, and ice creams. The chocolate shakes are considered outstanding.
  • Kerala Fast Food will thrill you with its authentic flavours from the south. Appams, puttus, parotas, kappas, stews, curries… this outlet serves it all, veg and non-veg, with a smile as warm as the Cochin sun.
  • Rolls Mania has more rolls on the menu than you might imagine. Everything from Aloo Fry Roll to Chicken Mughlai, Paneer Chilli, and Butter Pepper Chicken Rolls. The service is quick, so order take-out and tuck in!
  • Dominos is where the perpetually pizza hungry crowd gathers. If you count yourself among this ravenous lot, make sure you treat yourself to the outlet’s pizzas, combo meals, and ‘Exotic Italian’ veg and non-veg specialities. Alternatively, you could place an online pizza order in Aundh Gaon with foodpanda and have Dominos’ delights delivered to your doorstep.
  • Temptations is for hard-core non-veggies, going by the menu. While this place does offer a selection of vegetarian wraps, its claim to fame rests on its non-veg kebabs, curries, and biryanis. Patrons have oohed and aahed over the meaty wraps, so make sure you grab yourself a bite.
  • Marrakesh’s flavours transport you to Europe and the Mediterranean. Here you can have your fill of biryanis, shawarmas, rolls, rotis, and main course meals ranging from North Indian classics like Tandoori Chicken and Jeera Aloo to Gosht Dum Biryani and Lhara Gosht.
  • Picantos Mexican Grill offers food that’s as Mexican as it can get, this side of the Rio Grande. Nachos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas… this eatery delivers the works, so if you want to try Mexican food in Aundh Gaon, don your sombrero and ride right in!
  • Oryzza is a small place with a modest menu, but it’s big on taste judging from customer feedback. The eatery serves Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, and Indian meals-in-a-tub, noodle-based dishes, twin tub deals, and plan-it-yourself tubs. This is a typical take-out joint, so order up!