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Tasty meals: Online food order in Noida

Noida, which is an abbreviation for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is located in India's Uttar Pradesh state. Considered part of India's National Capital Region, this rich and well-developed city is famous for its various species of birds. The city's Okla Bird Sanctuary with over 55 bird species is a popular tourist destination.

One of Noida's popular dishes is Aaloo Paratha, which is basically a flat bread with potato stuffing that is usually served with chutneys like Mint Chutney. Another local dish is Chaat, which refers to fried dough and other ingredients depending on its variant. There are Aaloo Chaat, Chana Chaat and others. With foodpanda's online food order in Noida feature, tasting various local meals and others is feasible.

Online food order in Noida: Great savings

Having the option to order food online in Noida, saves you time, energy and money not to mention benefit from the convenience of food delivery. You don't have to worry about table manners or having to wait for your food to be served, as in the case of eating at a restaurant.

Foodpanda, which is Asia's leading online site for requesting for food or beverages, offers discounts occasionally. For example, there is an amazing savings of 50% and 30% for any order made using the foodpanda app or online respectively. At times, some of the restaurants that are listed on foodpanda offer special discounts for any online food order in Noida, which is made via the website. To keep track of these not-to-missed savings, simply sign up for the site's free newsletter.

Online order for food delivery in Noida

With more than 95 food outlets that serve Noida, you don't lack for options. What's more, food outlets like The Tanya's Cuisine and Kitchen Mantra provide food delivery in Noida to either homes or offices. There is also the possibility of sampling various kinds of cuisines such as Italian, American, Mexican, Singaporean and Chinese at the comfort of your residence. To finish sampling the numerous styles of foods and beverages on foodpanda may take you ages. Below is a list of few food items that you think about trying:

  • Calzone or Naples pizza such as Funky Spinach and Tutto Pollo
  • Chinese main courses like Chicken Black Pepper Gravy and Chicken In Hot Garlic Sauce that would go well with Peas Pulao or Plain Rice
  • South Indian cuisine such as Sambhar Vada, Butter Masala Dosa, Mutton Curry and Onion Uthappam
  • North Indian desserts such as Rasgulla and syrupy Gulab Jamun

Main meal or snack: Online food order in Noida

Eat Aandhra Vilaas' delicious Butter Masala Dosa with Andhra Fish Curry for breakfast. Follow this with the restaurant's Special Chicken Biryani or Non Veg Full Thali for lunch. As a snack or for dessert, enjoy Sagar Ratna's Rasam Vada or Rava Kesari. Try the outlet's tasty Tomato Uttapam or Garlic Ginger Chilli Chowmein for dinner or supper.