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Enjoying delicious cuisines with Nagpur restaurants home delivery

The state of Maharashtra's third biggest city, Nagpur is located right in the heart of India. As such, the distance of all the cities and towns in India are calculated from this city centre, taking it as a focal point. Dubbed as the "Tiger Capital of India" because of its numerous tigers that are kept in reserves for supply to the entire world, Nagpur's cuisine is Maharashtrian in essence.

One of Nagpur's popular dishes is Pohe, which is basically flattened rice that is normally served for breakfast or tea. Another local dish is Pitla Bhakri, which is more of a favourite among farmers. Pitla refers to a type of Dal dish. It is normally served with Bhakri, a kind of bread. Bharli Vangi or eggplants that are stuffed with ingredients like peanuts, spices and mashed potatoes is another popular Nagpur dish.

Enjoying delicious local cuisine and other types of cuisines is possible with foodpanda's Nagpur restaurants home delivery service.

Advantages of Nagpur restaurants home delivery

For those who are single or living alone, cooking might seem a true waste of time and effort. So eating out would be a norm. With restaurants in Nagpur home delivery, you can enjoy many advantages. Since food outlets like Bake N Bite, Bhaj Govindam and Heritage Embassy offer free sending of ordered food, you save money on transport, whether it is for your vehicle's petrol or public transport.

With these restaurants opening daily, there is the added advantage of being able to order meals whenever you are ravenous. Families also benefit out of this aspect in the event of an emergency, as in having to entertain VIP guests. Saving money is indeed possible with restaurants home delivery for online food order Nagpur, thanks to the food discount offers by foodpanda now and then.

Sampling popular dishes with Nagpur restaurants home delivery

With over 68 food outlets serving the city of Nagpur on foodpanda, there is a vast option of choices. Select from an array of Italian, Punjabi, Mughal, Mexican, South Indian and other types of cuisines with restaurants home delivery Nagpur online food order. Here are some popular dishes that you may want to try:

  • Toast like Cheese Garlic Toast
  • Vegetarian Continental dishes like Paneer Shaslik, which is served with butter rice
  • Non-vegetarian Continental dishes like Chicken A La Kiev, which is served with butter rice, boiled vegetables and French fries
  • Hot beverages like Café Mocha for breakfast or tea

Nagpur restaurants home delivery: Eggless cakes and others

One of the setbacks of being a pure vegetarian is finding an eggless cake in a food outlet. Understanding this, Bake N Bite offers various tempting eggless cakes and other bakery items that can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with restaurants home delivery for order food online Nagpur. Enjoy the sweet Caramel Crunch Cake, nutritious Honey Almond Cake or sinful Dark Chocolate Cake with your family for tea.