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Karnataka's third biggest city, Mysore, which is also called Mysuru, is well-known for things like Mysore Pak, Mysore Peta and Mysore Silk Saree. They bear the name Mysore to differentiate them from similar products from other parts of India. For example, India's Tamil Nadu state is famous for its Silk Saree. Are you aware of how the delectable Mysore Pak got its name? Many decades ago, a Mysore Palace chef created his own recipe of a sweet, which comprised of gram flour, ghee and sugar. He did not know what to call it. So he named it,"Mysore Pak" with Mysore referring to the city and Pak meaning sweet. Whether you are a local or tourist wanting to sample Mysore cuisine, the advantageous way to order food online in Mysore is through foodpanda.

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With people of various races living in this lively city, it is hardly surprising that there is a range of restaurants selling South Indian, Italian, Chinese and other kinds of cuisines. But, exploring all these restaurants physically can be pretty exhausting and time consuming. Whether you are a visitor or local living in the city, order food online in Mysore via Asia's leading website for ordering different cuisines, foodpanda. Various food outlets offer good discounts now and then. For example, you get to save 50 percent off any order you make using the free foodpanda app for a limited time now. This app is available on Google Play and other application stores. Apart from saving lots of rupees, you also enjoy the added convenience of not having to search for a restaurant that serves particular food all over Mysore. All you have to do is visit foodpanda and use its search facilities for locating nearby restaurants or outlets that serve whatever cuisine you desire for a home delivery in Mysore.

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Take your pick from over 15 restaurants that serve Mysore on foodpanda. With outlets like Oggarane and Rasooi Magic providing free delivery service, you can order food online in Mysore to be enjoyed at your hotel, home, office or any other place. Here are some Mysore places that enjoy delivery service:

  • Vijaynagar 2nd Stage
  • Gokulam
  • Kalidasa Road
  • Ring Road Junction
  • Kannada Parishat Road

With restaurants like Oggarane opening as early as 10:30am and closing at 11:00pm, you can enjoy various Indian gravies, Chinese soups and other items for brunch, dinner, supper or lunch.

Order food online in Mysore: Enjoy Dosas and More

Mysore being in South India offers South Indian style food like dosas and idlis. Eat Akshaya Palace's Rawa Idli or potato-stuffed Masala Dosa for breakfast. For lunch, you can choose one of its set meals like South Mini Meal or North Special Meal. What would tea time be without Banana Bajji and Vegetarian Samosa? If you are a permanent or temporary vegetarian for occasions like the 10-day Dasara Festival, order Spicy Five Pizza, Aloo Tikki Wrap, Pineapple Burger or any other vegetarian food from Pakva International Veg Lounge. It has an extensive list of vegetarian soups, spaghettis and other dishes that is sure to astound you!