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Need a refreshing pallet- Order salad online in Mumbai!

Not only is Mumbai the capital of the state of Maharashtran, but it is the capital of Indian business, trade and industry. Also known as Bombay, this intriguing and historical city has been the primary gateway to the subcontinent of India since 1869. The weather is often very hot and humid and can give you plenty of cause to order salad online in Mumbai. India's most westernised city is incredibly dynamic and is known for its relentless crowds and traffic jams which disappear into the horizon of the concrete jungle. Nevertheless if you can handle this hectic lifestyle, Mumbai has so much to offer you in return. Always be sure to carry water with you as temperatures can soar in the early afternoon, but don't forget that salads in Mumbai are fairly easy to come across too. You can make your trip as comfortable as possible when you order Salad online in Mumbai and there are countless restaurants to choose from.

Once fully replenished, this city offers a rich variety of culture and scenery. The gems of art you will find in the Prince of Wales Museum are well worth an afternoon of your time and the Gateway of India is precisely what you could imagine on any postcard reflecting this city. However if you would like to see one of India's finest doses of Raj architecture, head to the north and pay a visit to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).

Where to order salad online in Mumbai

There are literally dozens of restaurants in this city where you will be able to pick up a tasty salad to compliment your day. You can order salad online in Mumbai from well known chain restaurants such as McDonald's or Subway, or if you would prefer something less popular, we have numerous terrific establishments for you to choose from. Many of the restaurants we work with are family owned or independent businesses, however we can say one thing with a degree of certainty. We have cooperated with some of the best salad restaurants in Mumbai for years and only seek to expand our roster.

Establishments like:

  • Food Inn
  • Chikita Cafe
  • Seven Sevens
  • Mamagoto

pride themselves on outstanding cuisine and we are prepared to handle your salads delivery in Mumbai. Delivery is available to the following areas:

Order salad online in Mumbai with foodpanda

Once you have installed the foodpanda application, you will have access to the best salad restaurants in Mumbai. Our service will cost you very little and you will be able to order salad online in Mumbai as much as you please. All you need is a credit card or Paypal account to make online payments, however we accept cash.