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Convenient pizza delivery in Mumbai

Mumbai, which was popularly known as Bombay before 1995, is not only Maharashtra’s capital city but also India’s wealthiest city. This alpha world city has many attractions such as Girgaum Chowpatty and the Gateway of India. Another prominent feature about Mumbai is its numerous pizza outlets that offer Chinese, Indian and other styles of pizzas for pleasing the gastronomical desires of hard-working Mumbaians. Those who desire to try various pizzas from the pizza restaurants in Mumbai can order using a web or mobile platform by way of foodpanda effortlessly.

Order pizza online in Mumbai for home delivery

There is evidence that pizza existed as far back as the tenth century. A recording of the word pizza was found in a Latin manuscript in central Italy’s Gaeta. But the modern day pizza as you see today was first created somewhere during the eighteenth to early nineteenth century. A type of folded and filled Italian pizza is called calzone. It is normally stuffed with items like mozzarella cheese, ham and salami. Mumbaians who hope to try it or various flavours of pizzas can order pizza online in Mumbai via foodpanda for home delivery.

Timely pizza delivery in Mumbai

Various pizza outlets open every day to tantalise Mumbaians with different flavours and types of pizzas for dinner, lunch or supper. Several prominent places where timely pizza delivery in Mumbai is assured are:

  • Dadar
  • Vakola
  • Vasai East
  • Vile Parle East
  • Juhu
  • Malad West

Irresistible pizzas and more from Mumbai's best pizzerias

Foodpanda’s association with various pizza outlets makes it feasible for Mumbaians to sample a variety of irresistible and special pizzas at office or home with pizza delivery in Mumbai. Here are a number of must try pizzas:

  • Pizza Caprina – for a vegetarian Greek style pizza, order the outlet’s Greek Sesame Pizza. This delightful pizza is made from ingredients such as jalapeno, spinach, sesame seeds and paneer. If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, don’t miss trying the outlet’s Chicken Manchurian Pizza. The pizza has ingredients like Manchurian sauce, chicken and spring onion. Depending on whether you want something light as a snack or heavy for your main meal, you can choose from three sizes, 7 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches
  • Cheeliza – if you wish to try something different for a change, then order the outlet’s popular Paneer Punch, which comes in two sizes, 6 inches and 9 inches. This special pizza has ingredients like tomato, garlic, cheese, paneer tikka cubes and green chilli. For a minty, hot taste, don’t miss relishing the restaurant’s Spinaaglio, which has items like hot chilli paneer, onion, spinach, mint and cheese. If the 6-inch or 9-inch pizza is not enough for your lunch or dinner, then order the outlet’s Farmy Feast. This mini brown loaf sandwich has honey mustard mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, sweet corn, jalapeno and other items for a truly nutritious and yummy taste
  • The Hangout Pizza Hub – for those who adore Mexican food, the outlet offers the Mexican Treat Pizza, which has ingredients like Mexican herbs, onion and jalapeno. Another pizza worth trying is the Hangout Special Non Veg. Pizza, which has extra cheese, mushroom, spicy chicken, salami and more