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Say hello to the best Lebanese restaurants in Mumbai

Among non-Indian cuisines, Chinese food still commands the top position on the popularity charts, but will it reign forever? Exotic new cuisines – Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese – have begun to make the food scene, and adventuresome foodies are welcoming these with open arms – and mouths.

Lebanese food has caught on with health-conscious city diners seeking a balanced diet of farm-fresh veggies, fibre-rich cereals, and wholesome meats. Cuisine-defining dishes like shish taouk, shawarma, fattoush, falafel and baklava are offered by leading Lebanese restaurants, so if you need an introduction to Middle-Eastern cooking, look for these Lebanese restaurants in Mumbai and embark on a taste adventure like never before.

Here’s a checklist that’s good enough to eat!

Take a quick look at these Lebanese restaurants in Mumbai. Large ones have the capacity to handle big groups, while smaller ones are better suited to taking orders and making home deliveries:

  • Cairo Grill: this eatery on Linking Road, Bandra (West), serves delicious shawarmas, fries, salads, and hummus. It’s small, so settle for take-out.
  • Carter’s Blue: located in Lokhandwala, Andheri, this restaurant has an extensive menu featuring a wide range of Lebanese and other Middle Eastern specialities. It’s chicken shawarmas are supposedly tops.
  • Shawarma Factory: regulars at this eatery on Dadhaibai Road, Andheri (West) swear by the Shish Tawook, the Crispy Chicken Shaw Wrap, and the chilled hummus wrapped in warm pita bread.
  • Royale Masterchef Finedine: capacious and classy, this multi-cuisine establishment at Dahisar (West) is perfect for big parties.
  • Lebanese Point: situated at Lokhandwala, Andheri (West) this establishment enjoys a reputation for its grilled chicken and chicken shawarma. Seating space is limited, so go for take out.
  • Souk: the quintessential Lebanese restaurant in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in South Mumbai.
  • Marrakesh: this Thane (West) eatery has an extensive menu and interiors that evoke the ornate grandeur of Middle-Eastern palaces. If you’re planning a Lebanese food fiesta at home and need a restaurant for falafel, baklava and hummus delivery in Mumbai, look no further than Marrakesh.

Dine like a sultan, in the comfort of your home

Can you imagine a sultan doing his own cooking? Certainly not. A sultan has only to snap his fingers for a smorgasbord of delectable dishes to be laid out before him by his liveried, eager-to-please servants.

You’ll be surprised to learn that you can do likewise. Instead of snapping your fingers, just drop by at the foodpanda website to order online Lebanese food for home delivery in Mumbai. Use the search panel to find a restaurant in your side of town, then choose your dishes from its online menu and confirm your order with a payment (credit card or COD) on the checkout page.

Not net savvy? Then download the foodpanda smartphone app, available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices, to order online Lebanese food for home delivery in Mumbai, anytime, anywhere. Yes, foodpanda is your ticket to the best treats in town!