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Dine like a Don at the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai

Time was when the average gourmet’s experience of non-Indian food was limited to Chinese and American fare. But times have changed. Today, the foodie who’s “been there and done that” will, if given half a chance, wax eloquent on dishes as different as shawarma and sushi, quiche and quesadilla with the élan of a well-travelled connoisseur!

Yes, epicureans have more to talk about than ever before because they have more to enjoy. While restaurants offering Chinese and far-Western dishes continue to flourish, many others have opened shop in recent years to introduce Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese, and Italian cuisines to food lovers across India.

As far as Italian food is concerned, its soaring popularity is evident from the fact that it is increasingly being featured on menus across the country. In Mumbai alone, dozens of restaurants serve Italian fare, with many being exclusively Italian.

Do you wish to try Italian cuisine or explore it further? Then take a look at our listing of the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai and plan a dine-out with family or friends—or order Italian food online in Mumbai for a home-style banquet that a Don would be ready to die for!

These Italian hits are too good to miss!

Here is an overview of popular restaurants serving Italian food in Mumbai. The list is by no means complete, but it covers many establishments worth visiting.

  • Francesco’s Pizzeria: located at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, this eatery serves everything from pizza and pasta to sandwiches and salad in an environment that’s unmistakably upscale.
  • Café Zoe: though not exclusively Italian, it does dish out some really scrumptious ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes, paprika chicken leg, and pasta with lamb chunks.
  • Café on the House: situated in Malad (West), this place offers a fabulous range of veg and non-veg pizzas, not to mention pasta, burgers, cocktails, and appetizers.
  • Tea Villa Cafe: this classy-looking all-veg multicuisine establishment on Hill Road, Bandra, does have quite a selection of pizzas and pasta – and, of course, more tea varieties than you can imagine!
  • Pizza Express: true to its name, this Andheri (West) joint delivers superlative pizzas super-fast to its hordes of hungry patrons. If you decide to order Italian food online in Mumbai, try PE’s risotto and pepperoni pizza and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Pizza by the Bay: this popular eating place on Marine Drive is great for starters, salads, soups, pasta and pizza – and, of course, a grand view of the Queen’s Necklace!
  • Salt Water Cafe: this top-rated establishment boasts an extensive menu featuring dishes for every meal. If you’re partial to Italian fare, you could choose from a wide range of pasta, risotto, and ravioli.

You may enjoy food at the best Italian restaurants in Mumbai, starting with the ones closest to where you stay. But if you don’t want to limit yourself, visit the foodpanda site and order Italian food from establishments that are a part of our food delivery network.

Italian food delivery in Mumbai, the easy way

You may be the world’s greatest restaurant hopper, but you have to admit that there are times when you’d rather stay at home and order take-out.

With foodpanda, you get more restaurants to pick from, so why not give us a try? To order Italian food online in Mumbai just log on to and use the search field to identify food joints in or around your neighbourhood. After you’ve decided which one to order from, open its online menu and fill your shopping basket with the dishes you want. Then pay with credit card (or choose Cash On Delivery) and wait for foodpanda to deliver your order to your address.

Order Italian food delivery in Mumbai and offer your family a treat it cannot refuse!