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Mumbai is one of the cosmopolitan Indian city that is famous for its interesting, authentic, fusion cuisine. The city offers a wide array of mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that have a rich taste, fieriness and impressive flavors. However, the city is known mainly for its delectable chats at various popular restaurants across the city. These restaurants in the city are always crowded with people who relish tangy fast-food and local snacks.

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Fast food restaurants across the city offer hot, spicy, crunchy and fresh chaats-a favourite with the locals. Chaats are light and quick snack items that comprise of ingredients such as curd, crunchy wafers (sev), mango powder, green chilies, boiled potato and gram, onions, coriander and much more. Mumbai’s fast food has a flavour distinct from that of the fast food in other parts of the country. As layers of flavours, textures and colours create dishes that pop in your mouth it is quite a lot of fun to guess where the dish originated and how it transformed here. Such as the chaat that originated in Uttar Pradesh, eventually got modified into a whole new kind of dish. The introduction of onion and garlic and abundant use of red chilli powder that was absent in the original version of the dish. Some of the popular Mumbai version of chaats are Vada Pavs, Dabeli, Bhel Puri, Dahi Vada and so on. 

Other dishes that are quite popular on Mumbai’s fast food menu are

  • Paav Bhaji, potato and onion Bhajias, Bombay sandwiches
  • Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Ragda Pattis, boiled Channa Chaat
  • Raw mango slices and berries in Chinese Bhel 

Indian-style pizzas heaped with cheese and fresh fruit accompanied by real dairy cream is a true delight to the taste buds.

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The most exciting thing about Mumbai’s fast food is that it does not have the authentic touch of the original dish form the region of its origin. The fast food recipes here might be borrowed but they are interpreted and re-interpreted and are the refurbished version of the original dish yet at the same time native of the Mumbai city. These variant versions of the authentic recipes together collectively form the landscape of the famous Mumbai fast food cuisine. The joy of having all these lip-smacking fast food dishes home delivered is beyond imagination. Some of the most popular fast restaurants in Mumbai are:

  • Stuffed which is famous for its Classic Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Nuggets 
  • Zesto famous for its sandwiches such as Mexicana Sandwich, Piri Piri Paneer Sandwich 
  • the Eagle boy which is famous for its pizzas

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