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Ordering meals from Continental restaurants in Mumbai

Previously called as Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra’s capital city and India’s most populous city, boasts the most number of millionaires and billionaires compared to other cities in India. In addition to having more than 15 museums and various beautiful beaches, Mumbai also has a great number of food outlets that serve different national and international victuals to gratify the hunger pangs of multi-ethnic Mumbaians.

Understanding how busy Mumbaians are, foodpanda with partnership with numerous Continental restaurants in Mumbai has established a fast and convenient virtual facility for ordering Continental dishes and other food items for delivery to a location in Mumbai.

Tasting European dishes with Continental food delivery in Mumbai

Though strictly speaking Continental cuisine refers to victuals that have originate from Europe's mainland, the term Continental cuisine is loosely used to include British and other styles of dishes nowadays.

A few popular examples of Continental victuals are Greek, Spanish, French and Italian dishes. Some of the world-renowned Italian food items are gelato, pizza, tiramisu and pasta. Briefly, gelato is the Italian version of the common ice cream, similar to how kulfi is the Indian version of ice cream. Tiramisu, which is a kind of Italian dessert, is usually made from ingredients like cocoa, eggs, coffee, sugar and mascarpone cheese (a kind of Italian cheese).

You can now request for any of the regional Continental dishes from well-known Continental restaurants in Mumbai using your desktop, tablet or smartphone promptly by means of foodpanda for delivery to practically location in Mumbai.

Order Continental dishes online in Mumbai for speedy cuisine delivery

Several food outlets that offer Continental dishes operate daily to provide Mumbaians with meals, desserts, snacks and more. Below are some of the popular Mumbai locations where speedy Continental food delivery in Mumbai is sure:

  • Jeevan Nagar
  • Ganga Vihar
  • Naupada
  • Kherwadi
  • Juhu

Exclusive Continental dishes with Continental food delivery in Mumbai

With foodpanda’s order Continental dishes online in Mumbai facility, Mumbaians who yearn to try dishes that are eaten in the other side of the world have a varied pick from different Continental restaurants. Here is a brief list of Continental victuals that you may wholly relish:

  • Apicius – vegetarians shouldn’t miss tasting the outlet’s delightful and nutritious Calzone Florintine. This Italian style folded pizza has a filling of corn and creamy spinach. Those who adore chicken may want to try the outlet’s equally delicious Calzone Roast Chicken, which comes with a filling of roasted chicken ragout and creamy spinach
  • British Brewing Company – for a taste of traditional Scottish cuisine, don’t miss tasting the restaurant’s Shepherd's Pie. Freshly ground lamb, mashed potato, ripened tomatoes and grated cheese are some of the items used to make this delicious pie
  • Café Grain & Begal – for a change, have your breakfast in the English style. Order the restaurant’s yummy English Breakfast Tray and enjoy oatmeal porridge, baked beans, blueberry muffins, chips and more with a cup of Earl Grey Tea
  • The Food Bar – have the restaurant’s filling Chicken Risotto for lunch or dinner. This Italian style dish has ingredients like Arborio rice (a kind of short-grain, Italian white rice), Parmesan cheese and creamy chicken