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Formerly called Bombay, Mumbai now is the biggest metropolis and known as the Las Vegas of India. The city has a multi-million dollar film-making industry. If there is ever a place other than Hollywood which attracts tourists because of glamor businesses, then Mumbai is the place to be. Mumbai Film is popularly referred to as Bollywood which is not only big but also very fascinating. A number of Hindi pot-boilers are produced here every year. The city also has beautiful beaches and these beaches have become delightful leisure spots for people. Therefore, Mumbai now becomes a wonderful tourist destination because of its energy, vigor and tech savvy where to order food online in Mumbai.

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Food and festivals are the most significant facets of Mumbai’s culture. People in Mumbai are very passionate about their local foods. A lot of cuisines have been adopted and transformed into mouthwatering dishes that are only tasted in Mumbai since the city is very well-known as the most ethnically diverse city in India. The metropolis is very famous for its street-fare such as Pani Puri, Modak, Chakli, Pav and lots more. Besides, Maharashtrian Palate, Maharashtrian food, MuglaiPunjabi, Malvani, European and even South East Asian cuisines are widely enjoyed in this lively city. Home delivery in Mumbai with all the numerous available cuisines and restaurants, cafés as well as fast food places, one can quickly lose sight of which one to go for. Whether it be pizza, burger, fast foodsalads or even ice creams, foodpanda will delivery your desired food right to your doorsteps from any restaurants and offer a wide selection of cuisines for you to choose from and being able to order food online in Mumbai and  review late night food delivery Mumbai if pleases you or if you like to eat Pizza Hut then you can take a look at the Pizza Hut menu

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