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The Joy of online food order in Mumbai

Situated in India's west central state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is famous for foods like Batata Vada and Bombil Fry. While the United States' Los Angeles is world famous for Hollywood, Mumbai is celebrated for its version of Hollywood, Bollywood with popular actresses like Aishwarya Rai and Kajol living in the city itself. Apart from its role as Maharashtra's capital city,  is also India's most populous city. So it is a relief that there is an online food order Mumbai facility called foodpanda. Imagine the joys of not having to travel in this crowded city and yet being able to savour the delights of Italian, Chinese, South Indian, Maharashtrian and other kinds of cuisines at the comfort of your residence.

What to find when looking to order food online in Mumbai?

Mumbai being a huge city, has scores of food outlets that offer pizzas, Indian breads, soups, pastas, wontons, cakes and more. There is a clever way to check out these restaurants and their respective menus - it is by virtual exploration of India's leading website for requesting beverages and food, foodpanda. Understanding how time is gold, the site offers smartphone and tablets fanatics a chance to online food order Mumbai at the click of a mouse with its free app that is readily available on any major app store.

Food and festivals are the most significant facets of Mumbai’s culture. People in Mumbai are very passionate about their local foods. A lot of cuisines have been adopted and transformed into mouthwatering dishes that are only tasted in Mumbai since the city is very well-known as the most ethnically diverse city in India. The metropolis is very famous for its street-fare such as Pani Puri, Modak, Chakli, Pav and lots more. Besides, Maharashtrian Palate, Maharashtrian food, MuglaiPunjabi, Malvani, European and even South East Asian cuisines are widely enjoyed in this lively city. Home delivery in Mumbai with all the numerous available cuisines and restaurants, cafés as well as fast food places, one can quickly lose sight of which one to go for. Whether it be pizza, burger, fast food, salads or even ice creams, foodpanda will delivery your desired food right to your doorsteps from any restaurants and offer a wide selection of cuisines for you to choose from and being able to order food online in Mumbai and  review late night food delivery Mumbai if pleases you or if you like to eat Pizza Hut then you can take a look at the Pizza Hut menu

Home delivery food in Mumbai  

With an astounding number of over 378 food outlets catering to the teeming city of Mumbai, you would most probably be spoilt for choices. A great number of them are open every day, from mid-morning to late at night, which means you get to enjoy any main meal of the day without having to cook. There is also the bonus of being able to save tens of rupees since restaurants like dominos pizza onlne order Mumbai, Meal Box Café and Eat Express offer free delivery to any area in Mumbai when you utilise foodpanda's order online food delivery Mumbai facility. Some of the areas where delivery service is guaranteed are:

  • Thakur Village
  • Andheri West
  • Saki Vihar Road
  • Andheri East
  • Aghadi Nagar
  • Marol
  • Malad West
  • Lower Parel
  • Santacruz East
  • Khar West

Watch your favourite Bollywood movie while munching on Cafe 21's delicious Batata Wada and savouring the taste of its Apple Shake on a Sunday evening - heavenly!

Risottos, Idlis, Dosas and more: in the best restaurants of Mumbai

Whether it is Idli Fry, Butter Idli, Idli Vada, Baby Dosa or Paneer Dosa, you can get it easily from Café 21 with online food order Mumbai. If you are a burger addict, there is Meal Box Café's Spiced Lamb Burger and Vegetarian Masala Grilled Burger for something different. Aren't you bored with eating Indian food most of the days? Savour the delicious taste of Prawns Hakka Noodle or Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice from the Chinese cuisine experts, Shaan Chinese Corner. You will find a huge selection of the best restaurants in Mumbai, just make sure you select your favorite one! And if you are looking for home delivery in other Maharashtra cities, note that thanks to foodpanda, you can also order from restaurants in Pune, among other interesting places.