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Online Pizza Order in Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh's capital city, Lucknow boasts a number of popular attractions. Among them is the majestic eighteenth century Bara Imambara, which is notable for its pillarless hall that is 50 feet high. Another popular attraction is the Hussainabad Clock Tower, which has a splendid British architecture. Aliganj, Hazratganj and Patrakarpuram Chauraha are some of Lucknow's popular areas. Another major aspect about this city is its restaurants that offer a variety of pizzas, which can be enjoyed at office or home with online pizza order in Lucknow through foodpanda.

Sample Various Pizzas with Online Pizza Order in Lucknow

Pizza is synonymous with Italy all over the world. The word, pizza is said to have originated from the Italian word, pizzacare, which means "to pluck", as in removing from the oven. The word pizza was first documented in Gaeta, a place in central Italy. During the olden days, pizza referred to the flatbread, which was made from dough (water and flour) and heated on a hot stone before being seasoned with various herbs. This flatbread was considered as the staple of the peasants, something that the rich avoided from eating. Throughout the years, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and condiments were added to the aforementioned pizza. The modern day pizza is basically an oven-baked bread topped with cheese and tomatoes. To create various types of pizzas, different kinds of vegetables and meat are added to the toppings. One of the famous types of pizzas is Margherita Pizza. It was named after Italy's former queen, Queen Margherita who loved the pizza, which had toppings of mozzarella cheese, fresh green basil and tomatoes. All of these items, which were in green, white and red colours respectively were meant as a tribute to the Italian flag. With online order pizza home delivery in Lucknow via foodpanda, you can now taste this delicious pizza at home without the bother of having to drop by at the restaurant that sells the pizza.

Online Order from the Best Pizza Restaurants in Lucknow

Some restaurants like Pizza Hut and Dominos specialise in making various sumptuous pizzas. With online pizza order in Lucknow, you can sample pure Italian or fusion styles of pizzas whenever you desire at home. Simply visit foodpanda, India's leading website for ordering all kinds of pizzas, and order what you love via your laptop or smartphone for delivery to wherever you wish. Below is a small list of food outlets that offer mouth-watering pizzas:

  • Dominos - enjoy Margherita Pizza, Chicken Golden Delight or Chicken Hawaiian Twist
  • Pind Firangi - try the Fish Pizza
  • Saffron Kitchen - sample Paneer Tikka Pizza, Chilli Paneer Pizza or Spice Burst Pizza
Restaurants like Pind Firangi and Saffron Kitchen offer free delivery of their tasty pizzas to any corner of Lucknow with online pizza order in Lucknow through foodpanda.