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Chinese restaurants in Kolkata: Oriental exotica on demand

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is a city of many faces. Those who wish to study its history my visit the venerable Victoria Memorial to view the Calcutta Gallery, which documents the city's evolution from the 17th century until 1911. The culturally oriented could drop by at the Academy of Fine Arts or the National Library of India - or engage in a lively discussion at any of Kolkata's "addas" or community gatherings. And those with food on their minds - specifically Chinese food - could visit Kolkata's "Chinatown" in the Tangra area and indulge themselves to their heart's content.

Chinatown's restaurants are run largely by the descendants of Hakka Chinese who immigrated to India more than a century ago. To appeal to the desi palate, these outlets offer a wide selection of vegetarian fare and employ Indian cooking techniques and flavourings not employed in traditional Chinese cooking. Cumin, turmeric, pungent chilli, and ground coriander seeds are used quite liberally in Chinatown's cooking, so the dishes - though delightfully appetising - cannot be described as authentic Chinese.

You could plan your own Chinese culinary tour in Kolkata and brag about it for the rest of your life! Start with a Chinese street breakfast at the Bow Bazaar and Central Avenue crossing, then lunch at Oasis or Marco Polo on Park Street, and finally dine at Big Boss, Golden Joy, or Beijing in Chinatown. Alternatively, you could visit the original Chinese settlement of Old Chinatown and feast at Eau Chew, reputed to be India's oldest Chinese eatery.

If, however, you're not the travelling kind, you can place an online food order in Kolkata with foodpanda and wait to be served at home.

foodpanda brings you delicacies from select Chinese restaurants in Kolkata

Finding the best Chinese restaurant in Kolkata might be difficult, but as we are working with reputable establishments to bring their delectable dishes closer to you, you can choose from our list and be confident of getting great food. Here's a random selection of ten top-rated eateries from more than six dozen in our network:

  • Mainland China: Chinese
  • Paramparaa: Chinese, Multi-cuisine, North Indian
  • The Scoop: Chinese, Continental, Fast Food, Pizza
  • Jaisalmer: Biryani, Chinese, Desserts, Kebab, Seafood
  • Tandoori Darbar: Chinese, North Indian
  • Bedouin-Sher-E-Bengal: Bengali, Chinese, Multi-cuisine
  • Tojo's: Chinese, Fast Food, North Indian
  • The Howrah Bridge: Biryani, Chinese, North Indian, Pan-Asian
  • Hao Chi: Chinese
  • Chowman: Chinese

Smacking your chops already? Then order from these Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, and give your family a ride on the Orient taste express!

Great Chinese food is just a mouse-click away

You can order from Chinese restaurants in Kolkata sitting before your computer! Just go to the foodpanda website and input your location in Kolkata in the search panel. Then fine-tune the search by typing "Chinese" and wait for the page listing Chinese restaurants in your locality to open. After you've decided on one of the many restaurants available, choose from its menu and place your food order with us. We will coordinate with the establishment and see to it that food is delivered to your address, whether it's home or the office. If you don't have a computer, download our Android/iOS phone app and place an order using your mobile. Yes, ordering from Chinese restaurants in Kolkata is as easy as saying "chow!"