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Probably the most artistic and creative city in the country, Kolkata is a realm of philosophy and art, with plenty of events occurring around the calender. This city is well documented for its lengthy history of literature and revolutionary heritage and was in fact the birthplace of India's artistic community. Over time, Kolkata has adopted nicknames like the 'Creative capital of India' and 'City of furious, creative energy', both of which arouse plenty of curiosity with tourists. Many of the neighbourhoods here have an excellent sense of stability and community, creating a really humble aura on these streets. This gives the city of Kalkuta a real definition and the daily 'addas' or chats held among locals allow individuals to express themselves creatively and intellectually. Politically inspired graffiti occupies many hidden alleyways and will give you an insight into the many ideologies and belief systems which are abundantly present here. There are dozens of museums located in this city and the architecture itself is something to be admired. There are literally hundreds of cultural attractions which you can visit in Kalkuta, many of which are free of charge.

Placing an online food order in Kolkata for home delivery of food in Kolkata will give you the energy you need before you once again leave your abode to explore this iconic city of India. There are hundreds of appealing restaurants here of every imaginable variety, so regardless of your preferred flavour, you will find it right here when you choose home delivery in Kolkata.

Just a snippet of some of the incredible online food in Kolkata

  • Vegetable Coriander Thick Soup
  • Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice
  • Prawn Ginger Capsicum Rice
  • Chicken Singapore Rice Noodles
  • Masala Kulcha

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This city is abundant with fabulous eateries and at foodpanda, we work with some of the best. Whether you are looking for a cheap diner or a more prestigious establishment, we're sure you'll get what you're looking for every time you utilise the fooodpanda application. Chinese, Mughlai and Seafood restaurants are especially popular here and an online food order in Kolkata is the ideal way to tend to your appetite. Home delivery in Kolkata can be arranged by placing an online food order in Kolkata thorough foodpanda. We will only need your address and then you will be free to order from any restaurant you wish. Our application will give you the address of each restaurant, however why not choose an online food order in Kolkata instead so you can dine at home. Some of the best restaurants in the city include...