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Place an online biryani order in Indore for home banqueting

One can get a sense of Indore's long history from buildings whose architectural styles reflect the various periods it has lived through. However, in order to imbibe the life and soul of Indore as it is today, one has to look beyond ornate palaces and towering multi-storey condominiums and immerse oneself in its vibrant culture - its passion for art and theatre, sports and food.

If streetfood is what turns you on, Indore is the place to be. Often called the Streetfood Capital of India, Indore's roadside offerings include everything from jalebis, chaats, and samosas to poha, samosas and kachoris. At Chhappan Dukan, a popular hangout for foodies, you can pick from a wide range of snacks and savouries, including local delicacies like Dal Bafla. And if you were to visit Sarafa Bazaar, in the heart of the city, you could have a hefty meal and follow it up with a typical dessert - a plateful of gulab jamuns or, perhaps, a mound of gajar halwa!

If you prefer dining in a restaurant, Indore's many eateries offer a range of cuisines, from traditional Maratha to Mughlai, Bengali, Continental and Rajasthani. Biryani on your mind? Then pay a visit to Malwa Family Restaurant or Noor's Kitchen at Vijay Nagar, where the service is quick and courteous and the food exceptional. There's Brew Nation too, a smart café that has an interesting mix of snacks and various rice-based dishes, including veg and non-veg biryanis and pulaos.

If you plan on eating out, but don't know which restaurant to visit, do the sensible thing and visit the foodpanda website. We bring together the best biryani restaurants in Indore to make it easy for you to place an online biryani order in Indore at leisure, and enjoy great food at home.

Banquet with biryani! Use the foodpanda network!

foodpanda has arranged to take orders on behalf of select restaurants and deliver the same to their customers. Here are a few establishments in our network that have received good reviews from patrons, and which you could consider for biryani home delivery in Indore:

  • Malwa Restaurant: Biryani, Cakes-Bakes, Chinese, Fast Food, Ice creams, North and South Indian
  • Mister Shef: Biryani, Cakes-Bakes, Chinese, Fast Food, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Multi-cuisine, North Indian, Pizza
  • Noor's Kitchen: Biryani, North Indian
  • Crown Palace Restaurant: Biryani, Chinese, Continental, Desserts, Mughlai, North Indian
  • Mr Singh's: Biryani, Chinese, Multi-cuisine, North Indian, South Indian
  • Brew Nation by Vimpy's: Biryani, Chinese, Fast Food, Italian, Mexican, North Indian, Pizza, Regional
  • Hotel Dawar Regency: Biryani, Chinese, Fast Food, Multi-cuisine, North Indian
  • City Dhaba: Biryani, Chinese, Fast Food, Italian, Mexican, Multi-cuisine, North Indian
  • D2i Restaurant: Biryani, Chinese, North Indian

Feeling hungry already? Then go online for biryani and order in Indore from foodpanda. We're at your service, 24 x 7!

For an online biryani order in Indore, say hello to foodpanda

To place an online biryani order in Indore log on to and do a quick search for Indore restaurants serving biryani. We have more than a dozen in our network, so take your time studying their menus. After you've decided what to order, fill your shopping basket and sign off at the check-out point. foodpanda will interact with the establishment(s) you've selected from and ensure that your order is sent speedily to your address (as long as it's within city limits). So go online for a biryani and order in Nagpur from foodpanda. Then kick up your heels at home and just wait for the food to arrive, well-packed, fresh-from-the-kitchen, and ready to eat!