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Order from Veg restaurants in Hyderabad

the name "Hyderabad" is reputed to have origins from the words, "haydar" and "abad", which mean lion and city respectively. This "lion city" is Telangana's capital city. Famous nationwide for tasty non-vegetarian foods such as Hyderabadi Haleem and Hyderabadi Biryani, this city also boasts delicious vegetarian dishes like Baghara Baingan, which is a type of eggplant curry. With the existence of foodpanda, choosing and ordering from a broad variety of Indian, European and other styles of vegetarian dishes from the best vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad is feasible. Also when ready take a look to our desserts!

Enjoy the advantages of veg food delivery in Hyderabad

Any food item that doesn't contain an iota of animal tissue products or meat is classified as vegetarian. India is reputed to be the number one nation with the most number of vegetarians in the world. The popularity of vegetarianism in the Western world brought about various types of vegetarianism. Vegetarians who consume eggs are called as ovo-vegetarians while vegetarians who consume dairy products are called as lacto-vegetarians. Even from centuries ago, many Indians were actually lacto-vegetarians. The term "vegetarian" is loosely used to refer to a "lacto-vegetarian." Strict vegetarians who abstain from eating any kind of dairy products and eggs are called as vegans. There are many Indian style vegetarian food items like Chapati, Dosa, Dal Makhani, Rasam and Sambar. With order from Veg restaurants in Hyderabad via foodpanda, ordering European, Indian, Chinese or any other style of vegetarian food item is fast and easy. The ordered food is sent directly to your home's entrance, giving you the benefits of saving time and energy.

Order from Veg restaurants in Hyderabad for fast delivery

Quite a number of vegetarian restaurants open daily from early morning to late night to provide Hyderabadis with breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Some of the well-known Hyderabad areas where fast delivery can be counted on:

  • Old Bowenpally
  • New Bowenpally
  • Gagan Mahal
  • Lal Bazar
  • Subhash Nagar

Tasting great food from vegan restaurants in Hyderabad

With order from Veg restaurants in Hyderabad by means of foodpanda, vegans, lacto-vegetarians and other kinds of vegetarians have ample options. For permanent and seasonal vegetarians, here are some wonderful vegetarian dishes that you should taste at least once with order from Veg restaurants in Hyderabad:

  • Which Please - if you adore sandwiches, don't miss Cheese Chutney. It comes loaded with masala, chutney, masala, cheese and lemon for a nutritional snack
  • Little Italy - for something different, try this Italian style appetizer, Zucchini in Carpione. It has ingredients like extra-virgin olive oil, rosemary, white wine, onions, mint, sage and roasted zucchini and is served together with farmer's bread
  • Mast Kalandar - for a light lunch or dinner, try the restaurant's Saag Paneer, which has ingredients such as cottage cheese, spinach and fenugreek, together with Mast Kalandar's Phulka or Laccha Paratha
  • Venkeys Veg. - to cool your body, nothing beats the restaurant's Curd Rice. Curd, rice, split black lentils, chilies and mustard seeds are used to make this rice. Enjoy it with the food outlet's Kaju Capsicum Masala, a type of green bell pepper gravy.