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North Indian food delivery in Hyderabad

Dubbed as India’s best heritage city by the Indian government a couple of years ago, Hyderabad has various beautiful heritage buildings that mainly depict European and Mughal architectural styles. The city is located strategically on Musi River’s banks in the southern portion of Telangana state.

Since Telangana is considered as one of the South Indian states, understandably, Hyderabadi cuisine is primarily South Indian in style and preparation. Now, thanks to the presence of foodpanda, Hyderabadis have the marvellous chance to select and order from a diverse range of North Indian victuals from the best North Indian restaurants in Hyderabad for savouring at their leisure wherever they want.

Enjoy the benefits of North Indian food delivery in Hyderabad

If you’re tired of eating spicy food items, then North Indian cuisine might be the answer. Generally, North Indian victuals are less spicier compared to their South Indian counterparts. Also, some of the North Indian dishes have a creamier and heavier taste, unlike South Indian victuals, which have a higher water content.

Whether it is to sample the delights of North India’s Butter Chicken, Aloo Paratha or Gajar ka Halwa, the easiest and fastest way is to order North Indian food home delivery in Hyderabad by way of foodpanda. You can scroll through the menus of various North Indian restaurants, order and pay cash on delivery or online for delivery to your house’s front door.

Speedy delivery:Order North Indian food home delivery in Hyderabad

Many restaurants that serve North Indian meals open daily to supply Hyderabadis with a sumptuous and nourishing breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Some of the prominent Hyderabad places where speedy delivery is assured are:

  • Basheerbagh
  • Gowliguda
  • Zamistanpur
  • Kachiguda
  • Bagh Amberpet

Amazing food from the best North Indian restaurants in Hyderabad

With foodpanda's North Indian food delivery in Hyderabad, foodies and non-foodies have numerous options of North Indian style victuals. Below are some wonderful North Indian style dishes that you must taste once:

  • Taj Mahal Hotel – enjoy a simple but wonderful meal of Dal Makhani together with Cheese Naan. The hotel’s fluffy Cheese Naan is made from ingredients like yoghurt, salt and cheese while its delicious Dal Makhani is prepared using items like tomato gravy, butter and cream
  • Kebab Factory – relish the restaurant’s Tandoori Chicken with its oven-baked Plain Naan or Garlic Naan for a light dinner or lunch. Chicken pieces are marinated in special barbeque sauces before being cooked on a barbeque grill to make the outlet’s Tandoori Chicken
  • MK Dabbawala – sample this restaurant’s unique North Indian style biryani, Apple Biryani. It is served with fresh mint raita and papad for a delightful blend of tastes
  • Shayna Kebabs & Restaurant – don’t miss trying the restaurant’s creamy Butter Chicken, which is made from ingredients like butter, chicken, onions, tomatoes and spices. The outlet’s Rumali Roti, which is a kind of flatbread that is made from ingredients like whole wheat flour, is another item not to be missed. To experience fully the delights of these North Indian dishes, soak the roti in the creamy chicken curry before eating