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The best Mexican restaurants in Hyderabad seek your patronage!

Mexican cuisine reflects the history of South America, from the dawn of the Aztec Empire to the modern era. It blends regional Mesoamerican cooking with Spanish cuisine, elements of which were adopted after Spain conquered the Aztec Empire in the 16th century.

Traditional Mexican cuisine uses indigenous foods like corn, chili peppers, beans, squashes, tomatoes, avocados, vanilla, cocoa, vanilla, edible flowers, and vegetables like papaloquelite, criollo avocados, and huauzontle. In its modern avatar, however, the cuisine reflects Spanish, African and Asian influences in terms of both cooking styles and ingredients, and includes tropical fruits and a variety of meats.

While the extensive transformation of Mexican cuisine might make you wonder about its originality, you will recognise a Mexican meal by elements or dishes that are unique to the cuisine: chilli peppers and beans, for example, or corn-based specialities like tortillas and tamales.

If you’re interested in exploring the tongue-tingling delights of Mexican cooking, you’ll be please to learn that there are quite a few Mexican restaurants in Hyderabad worthy of your patronage.

Study this list before you head out to an unforgettable dining experience…

Don your sombrero and dine Mexicano!

  • Mexican Grill Subs: this Jubilee Hills outlet offers a decent range of subs and wraps, including fish fillet and vegetarian variations.
  • Mexican Fried Chicken: this eatery dishes out its delights at outlets located at Kukatpally and Nallallakunta. It offers combos, including the Mexican wrap combo and the kiddie combo. It has home delivery, so if you want to order Mexican food in Hyderabad give it a call.
  • La Cantina: located in HiTech City, this establishment has won praise for its Quesadilla, Chicken Adabado, and Fajita.
  • Chapatto: this budget-friendly Mexican restaurant at Gachibowli will send you into a swoon with its crispy tacos, Fajita Chapatto, and salads.
  • Chili’s: this popular hangout at InOrbit Mall impresses with its Fried Calamari, delicious cocktails, and excellent service.
  • Indie Joe’s: it’s known for its multicuisine buffet, which includes a pasta counter.

Ordering Mexican food for home delivery in Hyderabad

Dining out has its merits, but there are times when you’d rather order home delivery. Like when you’re too bushed to do any cooking. Or when you have an unexpected guest at dinnertime. Or when your gas cylinder suddenly runs dry!

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