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Order Italian food online in Hyderabad

Given nicknames such as “City of Pearls” and “Biryani City,” Hyderabad, which is situated in Telangana state’s southern portion, portrays a rich history that goes back centuries. In addition to being one of India’s top GDP or gross domestic product contributors, Hyderabad is also deemed one of the nation’s best heritage cities with various prominent landmarks. Some of the outstanding ones are Falaknuma Palace, Salar Jung Museum and Char Kaman. Hyderabad’s rapid progress during the recent decades has resulted in the setting up of numerous Italian restaurants. To order Italian food online in Hyderabad, harried Hyderabadis can utilise foodpanda's user-friendly web and mobile platform for requesting different kinds of Italian dishes for delivery to their selected place in the city.

Enjoying food from Italian restaurants in Hyderabad at home

Similar to India, Italy too has regional specialities, which are based on locally available ingredients, historical influences and other factors. For example, risottos are synonymous with Milan while pizzas are associated with Naples. Generally, Italian fare is considered simple with great emphasis on quality of ingredients used for cooking rather on detailed cooking preparation. The use of high quality ingredients in Italian cooking results in delicious Italian dishes. Now with order Italian food online in Hyderabad via foodpanda, you can sample food items from different Italian food outlets at your leisure at your place of living.

Express Italian cuisine home delivery in Hyderabad

Various Italian restaurants in Hyderabad open on a regular basis to tantalise Hyderabadis with lip-smacking Italian dishes for supper, brunch or dinner. Some of the renowned Hyderabad locations where express delivery is made certain are:

  • Madhapur
  • Gachibowli
  • Kondapur
  • Kukatpally
  • Vidyanagar

Must sample victuals with order Italian food online in Hyderabad

With foodpanda’s Italian cuisine home delivery in Hyderabad, those desiring a chance to sample different Italian dishes have a broad variety of selections. Below are merely a few must sample Italian victuals:

  • Squeeze @ The Lime – vegetarians shouldn’t miss the opportunity to sample the outlet’s Fettuccine Primavera and Asparagus Cheese Lasagna. Fettuccine Primavera, which is one of the restaurant’s popular pasta dishes, has ingredients like roasted red peppers, carrots, broccoli, spinach and green onions. Asparagus, cheese, fresh vegetables and other items are used to fashion the lasagna
  • Kick A Ccino – don’t miss enjoying one of Italy’s globally popular dish, Spaghetti Bolognaise Pasta, which you can order from this outlet. The pasta has ingredients like fresh herbs, chicken, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. If you like pizzas, order the restaurant’s Neapolitan Pizza, which offers you ingredients like olives, cheese, tomatoes and basil
  • Bricken Oven – The Pizzeria – those who adore pork should try the restaurant’s special pizza, Prosciutto Four Meats. Take pleasure in the exclusive blend of pork salami, smoked bacon, ham, mozzarella, prosciutto (a type of dry-cured, thinly sliced Italian ham) and other items. For vegetarians, the restaurant offers its special Spinaci Veg. Pizza. Enjoy the wonderful and nutritious taste of feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, oregano, black olives, baby spinach and more