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Convenient burger home delivery in Hyderabad

Still called as the "City of Pearls" due to its diamond and pearl trading history, Telangana's bustling city, Hyderabad is synonymous with dishes such as chakna and nihari. Double ka meetha and qubani ka meetha are two sweet desserts that originate from Hyderabad. They are normally served during weddings and other festive occasions in Hyderabad. Double ka meetha, which is essentially a sweet bread pudding, is made from ingredients like fried bread, milk, cardamom and saffron. Dried apricots are boiled together with sugar syrup until they become a compote and topped with ice cream, blanched almond or other items to make qubani ka meetha. With foodpanda's burger home delivery in Hyderabad, Hyderabadis not only can pick from several styles of burgers, but also from Indian desserts and other food items to be delivered to their homes or offices.

Order burger online in Hyderabad effortlessly

American burger outlets like McDonald's offer various styles of veggie and chicken burgers on their menu in India. This is in due consideration of India's population which is made up of chiefly Muslims and Hindus who don't eat pork and beef respectively. So rather than the popular Big Macs, which have beef patties and are sold in other countries, there are Maharaja Macs with at least two patties that are sold in India instead. With burger home delivery in Hyderabad via foodpanda, an energy-wasting trip to a burger restaurant is needless. Smartphone and laptop possessors can look at their favoured burger outlet's menu on foodpanda and request for delivery of their preferred victuals to their place of living or working.

We provide a broad varaety of cuisines like North Indian, Italian, Desserts and many more. 

Efficient and timely burger home delivery in Hyderabad

A large number of burger restaurants open each day to supply Hyderabadis with a great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below are several popular Hyderabadi places where efficient and timely delivery is guaranteed:

  • Gowli Wada
  • Masab Tank
  • Asif Nagar
  • Mehdipatnam
  • Nacharam

Superb burgers from the best burger restaurants in Hyderabad

With foodpanda's Burger online order Hyderabad, burger devotees can pick from numerous variations of burgers from American, Indian and other types of burger outlets. For burgers devotees and and non-devotees alike, here is a simple list of some great burgers that you should eat one time with burger home delivery in Hyderabad:

  • Nav's Fried Chicken - burger devotees who are non-vegetarians shouldn't miss the outlet's Schezwan Chicken Burger, which has ingredients like minced chicken, Schezwan sauce and spices. The burger is served together with a coleslaw salad and fried fries. For vegetarians, there is the Aloo Corn Burger, which has a spiced corn and potato patty and other ingredients. Enjoy the yummy burger with the coleslaw salad and fried fries, which are served together for a fulfilling meal
  • McDonald's - don't miss trying the New Chicken Maharaja Mac one time. It is large enough for a hunger satisfying dinner or lunch. The burger has two scrumptious chicken patties, cheese, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, spices and other ingredients for the perfect Indian American burger
  • Wow Vadapav, Burger, Wraps & More - ingredients like cheese and vegetarian patty are used to make the outlet's Classic Veggie Cheese Burger

Finally you will be able to enjoy many burgers in many cities like Pune, Delhi and Mumbai between many others, find yours!