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An ancient city that moves in sync with modern times, Hyderabad draws the visitor under its spell like a multifaceted gem. Here, one may contemplate the timeless beauty of the Charminar, take a leisurely stroll around Husain Shah Wali lake, climb the ramparts of the formidable Golconda Fort, or return to the past in the quiet confines of the Salar Jung Museum.

When it comes to food, Hyderabad is no less fascinating. In this sprawling city, where old and new meet and mix, you can dine in a 5-star restaurant offering choice Continental fare or hog to your heart's content at a roadside stall hawking sizzling kababs. And being the foodie you are, you will definitely not miss a plateful of Hyderabad's famous biryani. Unlike Lucknow's Awadhi biryani, where meat and rice is partially fried, then placed in layers and baked, the main ingredients in Hyderabadi biryani are marinated separately and cooked together. Awadhi biryani is rose-scented and has a uniform meat flavour, but with Hyderabadi biryani, the rice retains the flavour of its yogurt marinade.

Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Royal Darbar Dhaba, Hitech Bawarchi, and Tabu's Biryani are restaurants from whom you can order biryani online in Hyderabad and be sure to get your money's worth. There are many others, of course, so check them out... and indulge yourself like royalty.

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With dozens of restaurants competing with one another, how would you know from whom to order biryani online in Hyderabad? Why not go with foodpanda's choice? We have carefully handpicked restaurants to be a part of our network, so you can visit our page and place a Hyderabad biryani online order with any of these reputable establishments, among others:

  • Hitech Bawarchi (Madhapur): Biryani, Chinese, Fast Food, Kebab, Mughlai, North Indian, Seafood
  • Rayalaseema Ruchulu: Biryani, Chinese, Desserts, Fast Food, Hyderabadi, North Indian, Kebab, Seafood, South Indian, Regional, Salads and Sandwiches
  • Royal Darbar Dhaba: Biryani, Chinese, Hyderabadi
  • Nalaas Appakadai: Biryani, Chinese, North Indian, Seafood, South Indian
  • Food Nation: Biryani, Chinese, Hyderabadi, Ice creams, North Indian, Seafood
  • Surabhi Pride: Biryani, Chinese, Hyderabadi, North Indian, Seafood, South Indian
  • MRCB Madinaguda: Biryani, Chinese, Kebab, Mughlai, North Indian, Punjabi, South Indian
  • Angaara Kababs on Charcoal: Biryani, Fast Food, Hyderabadi, North Indian
  • Nizam's Bawarchi: Biryani, Chinese, Hyderabadi, North Indian
  • Garlic @ Hotel Grand Seasons: Biryani, Chinese, North Indian
  • Tabu's Biryani: Biryani, Chinese

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To order biryani online in Hyderabad, visit the foodpanda website. Log on, select Hyderabad in the search box, and then search again for restaurants serving biryani in your part of town. After this, all you need to do is order from the menu of the restaurant of your choice and confirm your order at check-out. If you're heading home from work and don't wish to do any cooking, you can save time by using the foodpanda phone app to order. foodpanda will process your order and have it sent to your address super-quick, so you won't have long to wait for dinner after you've arrived. So, order biryani online in Hyderabad and get it hot from the kitchen - just the way it should be.