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The luxury of an online food order in Guwahati

Guwahati is one of the largest cities in the north of India and due to its location at the westernmost corner or Northeastern India, this city acts as a gateway to the entire region. A truly vibrant city, Guwahati remains at the heart of the region's commerce and its modern amenities are slowly approaching the standards of some of the world's most modern cities. The verdant hills which surround this amazing metropolis are a feast for the eyes and there is no shortage of scenic attractions within the city parameters which you can visit during your time here. There are plenty of cultural attractions and that is not to mention the terrific supply of restaurants here too.

One of the best ways to learn about the heritage of this enjoyable north Indian destination is to visit the Assam State Museum. With its impressive library of ancient scripts, many of which date back thousands of years, there is more than enough information for you to soak up while you stay. Ivory paintings and prehistoric sculptures add a remarkable splash of color to the interior and you can also gaze upon many old fashioned opera costumes. The Guwahati Planetarium is one of the most popular points of the city and a visit here will give you a fantastic education of astronomy via sky watching sessions and specially prepared shows. When you decide you are in the mood for some dining, foodpanda is here to help you make an Online food order in Guwahati.

Home delivery restaurants in Guwahati

While you choose to reside in this city, you will have access to a number of highly reputed restaurants for Home delivery in Guwahati and foodpanda brings them directly to you. We do this by arranging them all on one easy to download application which can be installed on your smartphone. All home delivery restaurants in Guwahati that we cooperate with completely place their trust in us, an aspect of our success which has taken us right to the top on an international level. We promise 100% satisfaction when you select an online food order in Guwahati for home delivery of food in Guwahati and feel confident that you will contact us again. Our roster of restaurants that we represent is dynamic to say the least, meaning you can dine on just about any cuisine you're in the mood for.

After placing your online food order in Guwahati, you will be required to wait roughly an hour before deliver it to your door, box fresh and still piping hot.