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Gurgaon, a city in India's Haryana state has various areas. Some of them are MG Road, Sector 14, Old Railway Road, Sohna Road, Palam Vihar, DLF Phase 3 and Sector 17. This city is famous for its various South Indian dishes, any of which can be easily sampled with order South Indian online in Gurgaonthrough foodpanda. Generally, South Indian cuisine refers to dishes that are native to Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Kerala. Among the South Indian dishes, Chettinad dishes are very much popular. Chettinad cuisine refers to dishes from the region of Chettinad region, which is located in Tamil Nadu.

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Idli, dosa and utthapam dishes are synonymous with South India. There are various styles or subdishes of these three main dishes. Among them are Tomato Utthapam, Pineapple Utthapam, Rawa Masala Dosa, Paper Plain Dosa and Molagapodi Idli. While dosa is usually crepe thin and crispy, utthapam is thick with toppings like onion, tomato, cabbage, capsicum and chillies. Dubbed the Indian pizza by many, utthapam is made from a batter of urad dal or black lentil and rice. Idlis are normally round in shape with a diameter of around two to three inches. The ancient version of idli was made from black lentil, curd and other ingredients. To obtain fluffiness, the modern idlis are steamed, something that was not done for the ancient version. Another key difference is that the modern version includes rice in addition to black lentil for making the batter. Also, the modern version's batter undergoes a fermentation process prior to steaming. Idli, dosa or utthapam can be eaten together with the South Indian dish, sambar, which is a kind of stew that is made from vegetables, lentils and tamarind juice. Other dishes that are synonymous with South India are Chicken 65, Rava Kesari and curd or yoghurt rice. With order South Indian online in Gurgaon, you can sample rice with curd (unsweetened yoghurt) with Chicken 65 and enjoy the sweet Rava Kesari. Chicken 65, which originates from Tamil Nadu's Chennai, refers to a deep-fried chicken dish that is spicy. You can eat it as a snack or with rice. Rava Kesari, which has semolina as its main ingredient is the South Indian version of North India's Suji Ka Halwa.

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There are some restaurants, which specialise in making tasty South Indian cuisine. With order South Indian online in Gurgaon, you can sample various styles of dosas, idlis and other food items right at home without the necessity to travel to any specific restaurant for ordering or picking up your order. Just go to India's premier website for ordering South Indian cuisine, foodpanda and make your order of your preferred dishes via your smartphone, laptop or desktop for free or paid delivery to your residence or any other place. Here is a small list of popular restaurants that serve delicious South Indian cuisine:

  • Mr.Idli Express - enjoy dishes like Molagapodi Idli(hot taste), Mini Idli in Ghee Sambar, Idli Manchurian (fusion of Chinese and Indian styles) and Bread Omelette Utthapam
  • G-Dot - pure vegetarian dishes like Vada Sambar, Rawa Masala Dosa and Idli Upma
  • Vaango! - sample Vegetarian Utthapam and desserts like Rava Kesari
Restaurants like G-Dot and Mr.Idli Express provide free delivery of their delicious South Indian cuisine to anywhere in the city.

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