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Some people confuse Delhi with New Delhi. In reality, New Delhi, which is officially classified as India’s capital city by the Indian government, is part of Delhi. Delhi, which is India’s capital territory, also takes pride in being North India’s biggest commercial centre. As a former capital city of the olden Mughal Empire, understandably, Delhi’s traditional or local cuisine is Mughal in origin. Mughlai cuisine is merely one type of North Indian cuisine. Awadhi, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bihari and Bhojpuri cuisines are among the other types of North Indian cuisine. For Dilliwallas who yearn to sample the culinary wonders of various types of North Indian cuisine from the best North Indian restaurants in Delhi at home or office, all it takes is a quick virtual trip to foodpanda.

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Examples of North Indian food items are Butter Chicken, Chaat, Kachori, Makki di roti, Sarson ka saag, Matter Paneer and Chicken Tikka. The Punjabi style Makki di roti is a yellowish, unleavened flatbread that is mainly made from corn flour and normally cooked on a griddle. Punjabis usually eat this roti together with Sarson ka saag, which is a vegetarian dish that is made from some spices and mustard leaves. Chaat, which actually originates from Uttar Pradesh, refers to a kind of savoury snack. Today, there are a number of variants of Chaat in the northern portion of India. A few examples are Papri Chaat and Aloo Chaat. Generally, all these variants have three common ingredients, yoghurt, onions and coriander. Whether it is to sample the variants of Chaat or other typical North Indian dishes, there is a speedy, easy and convenient way – just order North Indian dishes delivery in Delhi online via foodpanda.

On time North Indian food home delivery in Delhi

A great number of eating places open daily for furnishing Dilliwallas with delightful North Indian snacks, desserts and meals. Several renowned Delhi areas where you can rely on time food delivery are:

  • Kirti Nagar
  • Bali Nagar
  • Ganeshpura
  • Saraswati Garden
  • Inder Puri

Amazing victuals from the best North Indian restaurants in Delhi

With foodpanda’s North Indian food home delivery in Delhi facility, Dilliwallas who hope to enjoy the culinary joys of various North Indian meals, snacks, desserts and more can choose from a great number of North Indian food outlets. Below are some must try North Indian victuals:

  • Ginger Root – tuck into a North Indian style meal of Lamb Rogan Josh and Onion Stuffed Kulcha whenever you want. The restaurant’s Lamb Rogan Josh has ingredients like curd, lamb, ginger garlic paste and Kashmiri laal mirch while its soft flatbread, Onion Stuffed Kulcha is made from wheat flour and filled with sliced onions
  • Chatpata Bong – for a light, tasty and nutritious meal, try this outlet’s Mughlai Chicken Paratha. This tasty, whole wheat flatbread is filled with various spices and minced chicken
  • Khatey Raho – if you’re a vegetarian, do try the restaurant’s Paneer Tikka Roll as a snack. The thin, flatbread roll has a wrapping of onion, mint sauce and paneer tikka. Non-vegetarians shouldn’t miss sampling the outlet’s Chicken Tikka Roll, a thin flatbread that has a wrapping of mint sauce, chicken tikka and onions as a snack
  • Mughlai Junction – enjoy the restaurant’s amazing Mutton Saag dish (cooked mutton pieces in a slightly spiced spinach gravy) together with its Jeera Rice for dinner or lunch. Salt, cumin seeds and rice are cooked together to create the Jeera Rice dish
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