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With a diverse history that goes back to the sixth century BCE, Delhi, which is bordered by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana states, boasts the most number of billionaires and millionaires after Mumbai. Some of its unique landmarks are the Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid and Purana Qila. Akshardham Temple means the abode of God while Jama Masjid is one of India’s biggest mosques. Purana Qila, which is a huge and remarkable fort, is one of Delhi’s oldest forts. Delhi’s swift advancement in various sectors during the last twenty years or so has given rise to the formation of several Italian eating places. With foodpanda’s link to these places, ordering various Italian food items from the best Italian restaurants in Delhi for delivery to any specific location in Delhi is viable. Hardworking Delhiites can take advantage of foodpanda’s easy-to-use mobile and online platform for making their preferred orders.

Savouring delicious Italian food in Delhi

Just like India, each region in Italy has its very own speciality. For example, Veneto region is famed for risotto and polenta. While risotto is a kind of rice dish that is made in fish, meat or vegetable broth, polenta refers to boiled and finely ground maize. Cute little, flat pastas with fillings of roasted vegetables or meat called agnolotti are commonly sold in the Piedmont region. Tuscany region is well-known for its special dessert called panforte, which refers to a kind of fruit cake that is made from ingredients like sugar, flour, spices, nuts and fruits. Now with the chance to order various Italian food items from the best Italian restaurants in Delhi through foodpanda, you can savour delicious Italian food in your own time wherever you choose.

Swift order Italian food online in Bangalore

Many Italian eating places open regularly to tempt Delhiites with magnificent Italian food in Delhi. A few of the renowned Delhi locations where express delivery is reliable are:

  • Defence Colony Market
  • Jamia Nagar
  • Connaught Place
  • GTB Nagar
  • Kirti Nagar
  • Kamla Nagar
  • Laxmi Nagar

Must taste food from the best Italian restaurants in Delhi

With foodpanda’s order Italian food online in Bangalore service, those eager for a chance to try various Italian victuals have a wide variety of picks. Here are just some must taste Italian fares:

  • 28 Capri Italy – vegetarians must not miss the chance to savour each spoonful of the outlet’s delightful Minestrone soup. This vegetarian soup has ingredients like tomato, spiral pasta and fresh vegetables and is served together with garlic bread for a pleasing meal. For non-vegetarians, there is the irresistible Chicken Involtini dish. Chicken herbs, garlic, cheese, white wine and other items are used to cook this dish, which is served with French fries
  • Healthy Routes – for a taste of penne, which refers to a kind of cylinder-shaped pasta, go for the outlet’s Penne A. O. P. Relish the taste of whole wheat penne, which is lovingly cooked in olive oil together with herbs, spinach and chicken
  • Pizza Castle – for a view of rainbow colours on an amazingly delicious vegetarian pizza, don’t miss sampling the restaurant’s Rainbow Veggie Pizza. Extra cheese, tomato, green capsicum, onion and jalapeno are used to fashion this pizza, which is offered in three sizes, 7, 10 and 13 inches to suit your hunger needs
  • Market Café – the eating place’s Pesto pizza, Tuscan Supreme Pizza and Spaghetti Bolognese Pasta are three items not to be missed. The former, which is appropriate for vegetarians, has caramelised onions, baby spinach, pesto, cheese and other ingredients. The Tuscan Supreme Pizza has caramelised onion, melted cheese, roasted garlic and grilled chicken, making it a great pick for non-vegetarians. The Spaghetti Bolognese Pasta refers to a great tasting spaghetti, which has minced lamb, tomato sauce and other ingredients
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