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Delhi, a highly populous city in India's northern region, has two special attractions. One is the astounding Lotus Temple, which beguiles the mind with its unique lotus shape and is the winner of various architectural awards. The other attraction is the India Gate, a tribute to the British, Indian and other soldiers, who died in various wars. Its triumphal arch shape depicts victory over death. Among Delhi's popular areas are Uttam Nagar, Janakpuri, Shahpur Jat and Shastri Nagar. The other interesting aspect about Delhi is its huge variety of delicious cakes that can be savoured slowly at home with foodpanda's online cake delivery in Delhi.

Take Delight In Various Cakes: Online Cake Delivery in Delhi

Derived from the word "kaka" in the Old Norse language, which died during the thirteenth century, the word cake referred to honey-sweetened, flat bread during the very early days. As time progressed, dried fruits were added to the cake to make a fruitcake, which was capable of lasting for months. To raise the dough while making the cake, yeast was usually added. It was only during the mid-seventeenth century that the beginnings of the modern day cake began to take shape. Beaten eggs were used to leaven sponge cakes. A mixture of flavouring, sugar and egg white were boiled together before being poured over a baked cake and put into an oven again. The result was a glossy, hard icing on the cake. The mid-nineteenth century saw the baking of the modern cake with ingredients like baking powder, butter-cream icing and refined white flour. Today, there are various shapes, sizes and flavourings of cakes, which can be enjoyed at office or home with online cake delivery in Delhi. A round shaped cake is still favoured for special celebrations. The olden day belief is that the round shape symbolises a life's cycle, which covers birthdays, weddings and so on.

Order Cake Online in Delhi for Any Occasion or Tea

Food outlets like Chocolate Temptation and Cake 'n' Bake focus on baking special cakes that are irresistible and adventurous. Since both of these outlets provide free delivery, buy cake online in Delhi through foodpanda to save some rupees on your transport. You can use your smartphone or desktop to check out foodpanda and order whatever cake you wish to sample at your leisure at home. Take a look at the list below for suggestions of exclusive or tempting cakes:

  • Chocolate Temptation - try the delicious Rainbow Cake, Red Velvet or Heavenly Delight as dessert
  • Cake 'n' Bake - wholly eggless, but delicious cakes like Kiwi Cake, Hazelnut Cake and Italian Cake, which are a boon to vegetarians
  • Fudged - enjoy Apple Pie Cake or Banoffee Pie Cake during your tea break
  • Baker's Bite - Chocolate Nogateen Cake and German Chocolate Cake, which are 100 percent eggless, making them a great choice for special religious celebrations
Outlets like Cake 'n' Bake and Chocolate Temptation are open daily. So you can order any full cake for any celebration at home with online cake delivery in Delhi whenever you wish.

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