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Fast and Convenient: Online Biryani Order in Coimbatore

Tamil Nadu's second biggest city, Coimbatore is well-known for its high output of cotton and various textile industries, earning the name "Manchester of South India." Two of the city's eminent attractions are the Marudhamalai Temple, where prayers are said to have created miracles and Black Thunder Theme Park, one of Asia's leading water theme parks. Monkey Falls, a naturally formed waterfall with scenic surroundings and Forest College Museum, which houses over 300 endangered plant species besides various kinds of rocks, minerals and other items are other eminent attractions. A few of Coimbatore's well-known areas are Tatabad, Ondipudur and Peelamedu. Another outstanding aspect about Coimbatore is its variety of biryanis that can be relished at a person's dwelling or workplace with online biryani order in Coimbatore, which is fast and convenient.

Sample Different Biryanis with Online Biryani Order in Coimbatore

Biryani, which is derived from the Persian word, "birian", means fried before cooking. During the olden days, it was customary to fry rice in ghee, an Indian clarified butter, for a nutty essence. Later, the fried rice was boiled together with spices and other ingredients for making biryani. A goat's leg instead of fish or chicken was usually used to make biryani then. A major difference between yesteryears' biryani and today's biryani is in terms of the rice that was used. Previously, Zeera Samba rice and brown rice were used in South India and North India respectively. Nowadays, basmati rice is used in both North India and South India for making any kind of biryani. Basmati rice, which is long-grained and slender in appearance emits a sweet fragrance that tempts the taste buds. Over the years, a goat's leg was replaced with other ingredients to make way for the modern day biryani, which has varieties like the seafood dish Fish Biryani, Egg Biryani, Prawn Biryani and Mutton Biryani. North Indian biryanis are called as "pukki" biryanis because the key ingredients are cooked separately before being cooked together. South Indian biryanis as in Coimbatore biryanis are called "kacchi" biryanis because all the main ingredients are cooked together.

Online Biryani Order for Home Delivery Restaurants in Coimbatore

Certain restaurants such as "That's Y Food" and "Alaska Food Court" concentrate on making different types of superb biryanis. With online biryani order in Coimbatore, you can now savour the taste of unique, local or South Indian and North Indian biryanis whenever it pleases you right at home. Use your desktop or smartphone to visit India's well-established virtual hub for ordering different kinds of biryanis and other sustenance, foodpanda. Then order and pay online or when the items are delivered to you. Below is a list of restaurants that offer unique or sumptuous biryanis:

  • "That's Y Food" - unique biryanis like Chicken Tikka Biryani, Mumtaz Chicken Biryani and Nizam Mutton Biryani, which may appeal to the taste buds of non-vegetarians
  • "That's Y Food" - special biryanis like Nizam Veg Biryani, Mumtaz Veg. Biryani and Paneer Tikka Biryani for the enjoyment of non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike
  • "Sri Ganapathy Mess" - try the Mushroom Biryani
  • "Ponni Restaurant" - sample the Egg Fry Plain Biryani
Restaurants such as "Sri Ganapathy Mess" and "Ponni Restaurant" extend their free delivery service to any part of Coimbatore with online biryani order in Coimbatore.