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Capital of the sate of Tamil Nadu in India, Chennai is situated just off the Bay of Bengal and is one of the main commercial and industrial hubs in the south of the country. A melting pot of culture and education, this city is regarded as the Detroit of India due to the automobile industry which is present here. This city is very popular with expats and is in fact, the third most highly populated in the country in regards to the expatriate community. Lonely Planet have also listed this Indian city as one of the best world cities to holiday to in 2015. The Tamil film industry is headquartered here and this city provides more than 120 cinema screens. Chennai has been the most popular Indian city with international tourists since 2008 and there is no shortage of entertaining features. Beaches and temples dominate this beautiful city and create some of the most magnificent visiting points. Landmarks such as the UNESCO Heritage Site of Mahabalipuram will always be popular points of interest and this city has always been a recognisable starting point for travellers beginning to explore this region of South India. Tourists can enjoy a number of stunning wildlife parks and zoos here including Arignar Anna Zoological Park, one of the world's largest animal parks. Guindy National Park is located close to the city and Chennai is also home to several theme parks including Queens Land and MGM DIzzee World. While you are indulging in the holiday of a lifetime, it is important to keep your strength up and what better city to embrace the cuisine than Chennai. The local Indian dishes employ a myriad of spices, flavours and seasonings, resulting in mouthwatering plates of colourful food. If you are looking for something a little more westernised like Pizza in Chennai, we at Foodpanda will be happy to help you.

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Our web site will advise you about the best place to purchase pizza in Chennai once you have disclosed your local address. Our brilliant user interface is reliable and easy to use, so don't worry about struggling to find pizza in Chennai as you will find this practically impossible. Simply choose which dishes you would like to eat and then decide whether you would like any snacks, deserts or beverages as well. Once you have finalised your bill, you can expect your food to arrive within around 45 minutes. Our web site has been constructed to accommodate for Android/IOS users so placing your order online for pizza to be home delivered in Chennai is as simple as pulling out your smartphone and browsing away. You will be cutting out the inconvenience of travelling beyond your front door and you won't even need to speak with anyone over the phone, we'll take care of it ourselves. Utilise our services at Foodpanda when you want to enjoy all the food of India.