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Pizza Hut Delivery (Bannerghatta Road) Info


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  • Monday 11:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday 11:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 22:30
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  • Friday 11:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
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  • Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
  • Sunday 11:00 - 23:00

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About the restaurant
Limited area of delivery subject to prevailing conditions. Expected delivery time may vary and will be communicated for each order separately. Maximum PHD liability is Rs.500. Hot Delivery Promise applicable at first barrier point (security guard/reception etc). Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Cash On Delivery

Site No 8, Bangalore

Order delicious Pizza online from Pizza Hut in Bangalore, Arekere Gate (Bannerghatta)

There will always a good instance to order Pizza online! No mood for cooking, friends unexpectedly showing up, cosy movie evening, etc… In India, the Pizza Hut, in collaboration with foodpanda, offers you the possibility to order food online and to enjoy fast food delivery to your home. Via foodpanda, go through Pizza Hut’s menu, check online various selection of delicious pizza and place your order. The delivery service will definitely be a convenient way to try their legendary pan pizzas. What makes Pizza Hut in Bangalore more outstanding from other regular pizzerias is the So Cheesy Pizzas which are made special for Indian cheese lovers including classic cheese, Italian Treat Pizza or Super Veg. Pizza. Let’s take time to go through their mouthwatering menu to discover pizzas with different kinds of flavors – your taste buds will never forget the taste! For the ones with a sweet tooth, then check out their desserts, Choco Mousse or Choco Trufle Cake is absolutely appetizing! Choice is yours! Get the best pizza delivered right to your door with foodpanda in your area of Bangalore.

Reviews of Pizza Hut Delivery (Bannerghatta Road)

  • There was no delivery after putting the order.

  • Very quick delivery

  • The food was cold and chicken wings were charcol black. I don't think i will order PH foods again.

  • yes...the delivery took 1 hour which was way much longer than my previous experience with pizza hut or other restaurant for that matter. Also, the pizza was cold and the delivery boy seemed to have no knowledge about what is called change...He always runs out of it....Poor service...disappointed.

  • Cheese was not there in Medium size

  • The pizza's on weekdays are a lot better than the ones delivered on weekends, i guess maybe because less load of orders on weekdays.

  • After ordering when I entered the stores (1/2 hour past ) they said they have not received any order on my name. I dont want to wait since the kids are hungry I went to a near by restaurant and booked my dinner. They called me says your order is ready after 15 min. So either the late is from Fod Panda or Pizza Hut I dont dont know.

  • great

  • The pizza was bad, it was eating just pizza base with minimalist toppings

  • The pizza was cold n dry.

  • Delivery & the Pizza was excellent. Good experience.

  • Not good, Bad experience. Box was stick to pizza.

  • Pizza was delivered on time and hot!!

  • Apart from the Pizza's i had ordered for 2 Nos. of Potato Wedges. Only 1 was delivered. This is really bad.

  • I have ordered birizza. Biryani provided in that is very bad n even the sauce along with that.Need to improve it. Service is good.

  • Ordered food came on time.

    But food is not good, we are disappointed..

  • One item that was ordered wasn't available at the restaurant. Although they called and asked for replacement, no other item was sent.

  • pizza was cold...not even warm.. i even called them back bu they din do anything about it.... this has never happened with any other outlet... bad first experience from bannerghatta road outlet

  • For Buy 1, get one free, they hardly put any cheese and Pizza Sauce. We could not eat the second one. Very dry and worthless

  • I did place the order to Pizza hut through vendor partner

    The person was who called me from the store to confirm my address was horrible rude in behavior and was speaking like he was doing me favor.

    He reached my place and then called me. In the call he said: "Can you call me back?". What the hell it was this? Doesn't PizzaHut pay their delivery boys for mobile calls? Why should customer give a call back?

    The bill amount was 769. When I paid him 800(8X100), he asked me for change. He was expecting me to give 70 rupees change. Why can't the delivery guys see the bill(cash on delivery cases) and comes prepared with change? he asked me to go out and bring 70 rupees change for him. When I said, If I would have been in a position to go out, I would have gone to PHD and take the order. Then forced to come from 4th floor to ground floor so that he can go to shop and give me back 30 rupees. After few minutes he came back and left without paying me 30 rupees saying that he couldn't get change.

  • On time. Good

  • Awesome

  • Good Neat and On time Delivery,

  • good

  • Awesome pizzas!!

  • It is good.

  • Great

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