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Birinz Biryani (BTM Layout) Info

Delivery hours
  • Monday 12:00 - 15:30, 19:00 - 22:30
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 15:30, 19:00 - 22:30
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 15:30, 19:00 - 22:30
  • Thursday 12:00 - 15:30, 19:00 - 22:30
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  • Saturday 12:00 - 15:30, 19:00 - 22:30
  • Sunday 12:00 - 15:30, 19:00 - 22:30
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  • Monday Closed
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Chicken Angara Kabab available in evening

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KSR Court, Beside Health & Glow, 8th Main, 7th Cross, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore, 560076

Great Hyderabadi Biryani from Birinz Biryani BTM Layout

Did you know that there are a number of biryani styles in India? Yes, some of the popular ones are Bombay Biryani, Malabar Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani and Lucknow Biryani. Each style is named such because of its place of origin or the style it follows. For example, the Malabar Biryani follows the Kerala cuisine style. Normally, there is a contention about which is better, Lucknow Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani. Lucknow Biryani, which is also known as Awadhi Biryani, is blander in taste. The rice and marinated meat are cooked separately before being cooked together. In the case of Hyderabadi Biryani, it is said to be richer in taste and spicier. Everything, raw rice, spices and raw meat are cooked together in a handi or earthen pot. There is also a saying that if one were to visit India, one should not miss sampling Hyderabadi Biryani. One of the best places for Hyderabadi Biryani that is cooked the traditional way is none other Birinz Biryani BTM Layout. It is located in India's second most progressive city, Bangalore or what locals call Bengaluru.

Birinz Biryani BTM Layout offers biryani and other items

Take your pick from the type of Hyderabadi biryani you like, Chicken, Vegetarian, Egg or Mutton Biryani from Birinz Biryani BTM Layout. Even your old folks can eat Chicken Biryani since it comes with a choice of boneless or boned chicken. And for size, you get to pick from regular, family or large. Now if you are ordering for your family or a few people, you may want to add some of the sides like Egg Manchurian and Paneer 65 from Birinz Biryani BTM Layout. Or you can choose from any of the Tandoor items like Shahi Kebab and Tangdi Kebab. Those who want something for lunch can choose from special offers like Vegetarian, Chicken or Egg Lunch Box.

Opting for Birinz Biryani BTM Layout home delivery

You don't have to go all the way to BTM Layout to get your desired biryani. There is a simpler, faster and easier way. Just visit India's one stop food ordering website, foodpanda. Then go through Birinz Biryani BTM Layout's food menu, select the food items you want and pay via foodpanda. Make sure you inform them of the right address for the items to be delivered. It does not matter whether you want them delivered to your office or home. Another way to order is via your tablet or smartphone. But, you have to download the application first. All three, Google Play, Windows Store and Apple Store provide the foodpanda app for free. Birinz Biryani, which has two branches in Bangalore, is open daily. Its normal operating hours are from 12noon to 3pm local time. There is a rest break before it opens again at 7.00pm to 10.30pm.

Reviews of Birinz Biryani (BTM Layout)

  • Fantastic food

  • Earlier they used to deliver free of charge. Now they started adding delivery charges apart from Service charges. Container charges again they are charging separately. So, I got the impression that they are slowly going away from the customers. So, the pricing team needs to give a thought on this once..

  • The cost is very high compared to others. Also, there is a huge service Tax.

  • I have ordered special chicken biryani,taste is good but the quantity of chicken is less.

  • Good service

  • we are expecting a bit spicy from you and we mentioned same in comments while we order. but it was not as expected. even we are satisfied with the taste and it would have been better if it is spicy also

  • superb andhra style taste

  • It is very good tasty Chicken dum biryani.

  • Not delivered as per instructions given

  • 1 because with their own offer scheme applied they supplied half the quantity than what they generally serves.

  • Awesome ....biryani

  • Best hyderabadi biryani In bnglr .

  • Chiken Tandoori was worst

  • Hi am really impressed with birinZ biryani but now a days they reduced the biryani quantity. And coming to quality they are serving worst chicken. Hope this feedback will help birinz to regain their reputation and customers

  • food was good

  • It was gud but a bit over spicy...quantity is acceptable for a large pack.

  • Gud

  • Taste was good !

  • Very tasty! Keep up the good taste. Will order again for sure

  • Food taste was not as expected and earlier from Birinz.

  • If it provide spoons and paper tissue, then it would be great

  • tasty food

  • nice biriyani. But price is increasing day by day and min order has to reduce

  • Superb..feel like have hyderabad biryani..:)

  • Ok, not bad i expected some thing more.......

  • Briyani was taste less and quality & quantity was not sufficient for singal person.Briyani rice was full dry I called Birinz Briyani they talked very badly.

    Overall negative feedback.

  • food was good

  • very good quality and tastes good.

  • One of the best Biryani in BTM area.
    Home delivery service is awesome.

  • Biryani is good..and spicy

  • good one.

  • Nice taste...good quantity....but costly

  • Biryani taste totally changed, Please reduce the oil content in biryani...

  • Briyani was very dry and pathetic.We were looking for masala along with briyani rice,but masala was not there in proper quantity what expected.Need to improve chicken quality size should be in small pieces.

  • Food is hot and yummy :)

  • Food was good

  • Biryani was good as always. But I ordered chilli chicken along with that. Chicken was not fresh and bad smell was there in chilli chicken.

  • We ordered two Mutton biryani and we haven't found any pieces.. Again... Disappointed with their service to customers

  • It was awesome......

  • Chicken boneless biriyani was excellent my kids loved it too

  • Delivered before time. Quantity was great, would rate the taste 4/5.

  • Quantity was sufficient.. Gravy was not good.. Pieces were awesome.

  • Birinz Biryani (BTM Layout) is really awesome and nice food they provide. The spicy items and the cleanliness they maintain is good. Pickup and delivery, both are on time (promised time).
    Excellent respect and response towards customers. Overall, I liked it Verymuch.

  • awesome food

  • Must try chicken boneless biryani here...n delivery was also on time...

  • it was good experience. i like that biryani

  • good

  • taste is good , but they are not following the additional comments.

    I asked 1 gravy packet extra, even i am ready to pay extra for that , but they didn't given.

    So i ate adjustedly (not whole heartedly)

  • i ordered 1 regular chicken biriyani and 1 large .in large and regular pieces are same no extra pieces in large

  • 5

  • Yummy.. Delicious ..
    But biryani quantity is not much..

  • The best biryani restaurant in BTM bangalore

  • Its good

  • Worst experience, I ordered chicken 65 but I got something else vegetarian.

    I don't know why birinz is doing like this now a days.

  • Good

  • I ordered biryani n paneer 65, the food was so spicy that we couldnt even have quarter of it n ended up with food poisoining. The food was good earlier but my past 2 exp excluding the latest one made it terrible. Never have it again n recommend others too

  • Just Fab :)

  • good

  • Nice biryani..!

  • Biryani tastes nice and rates are affordable.

  • Amazing Biryani. The only drawback was there were some bones in the boneless biryani we ordered.

  • 5

  • Got a message that order is confirmed. When we reached the store they told we have rejected the order without any intimation.

  • Brinz is all time my favourite...Yummy taste and Price is reasonable...
    Thank u Foodpanda for giving 50% discount....

  • no

  • Waiting for my refund

  • Ordered for Boneless chicken biriyani and they have delivered with bone chicken biriyani.

  • Pathetic service...I was called to pick up my food but was made to wait for over an hour. And no support from food panda. I think I should print this.

  • very very wast

  • Food is good.. but their order system couldn't reflect immediately and caused the delay.

  • super.but they delivered after 1hr.

  • Biryani was ok not bad. It was bit spicy. but it is some what cold.
    Tanduri chicken was good. Still quality can be improved.

  • .....

  • These ppl didnt deliver only.After waiting for 90 minutes, i called these ppl,they told your delivery is out nd d guy will be in traffic so it will be late. I waited again for half n hour (time-10:30),after which i call them nd they told me the order is out and gave me a number of foodpanda manager. Whose phone was busy till 15 minutes.After which he answered the call and told that he will look into the matter. After that i called the restaurant(time:11), they stopped answering the call and started disconnecting my call. After waiting for 3 hours also i didnt get my food,money is gone and the foodpanda manager named prakash just told me he will look into the matter and didnt do anythng. i called next day for refund frm u guys..bt still no response..if i could give stars i would rate it as -5...Horrible service from birinz biryani and foodpanda...i will tell every1 not to order from here..even the review i posted has been removed..Angry like hell

  • Chicken in Tangdi kabab was not cooked properly. So I had throw the full tangdi kabab. Biryani was little ok. Somehow I took my dinner.

  • Good

  • 5

  • I love the biryani here. If im around Btm then this the only place I order from, but the last time when I placed an order these bloody rascals made me wait for 3 hrs and that delivery guy wasnt answering my call, he even rejected my calls.

  • very tasty

  • not good.

  • The taste was not good. Chicken Lollypop was still wet and was not fried properly. We were still able to feel the juicy dip of the chicken.

  • Quality of biryani is good but there is a further scope of improvement in terms of serving real Hyderabadi Biryani....

    All the best...

  • Good service.

  • 3

  • Superb. I liked it very much.

  • i am fully satisfied with Brinzz Biryani

  • The best biryani in town.

  • Best biryani :)

  • Days are gone when they prepared good biryani. Recently I ordered and at times found it too oily, uncooked chicken, and today it reached heights: found insects today in chicken biryani. Never going to order henceforth.. Highly dissatisfied..

  • Quality of starters is reduced bit. Even lesser option are available in website.

  • Its good restaurant. I had ordered too many times from that restaurant.

  • chicken biriyani large was sufficient for only one person. taste is also not so good

  • service is really bad. food is cold. customer service is pathetic.

  • Awesome Biryani....
    Like to have once in a week....

  • Its good....thank u...its 4/5

  • Only Biryani in BTM .which is close to Hyderabadi style

  • One of the order was missed by the Restaurant which has shaken a the trust a bit & the biryani also was also not up to the mark this time...Hope for a better response next time

  • Good

  • Use to order Birinz biriyani more than 5 times in a month for past 2 years. Big fan of Birinz. Can go for challenge like if someone is trying it for the first time, then you will also become a fan for sure.

  • I have ordered boneless chicken biryani but instead i got regular biryani with bones in it. Quality is not that great.

  • Biryani was good. But they have reduced the quantity in recent times.

  • Awesome place to get biryani

  • G

  • They will never deliver food on time and i had bad experience many times.

  • guys.. please don't order briyani from Brinz. yesterday we ordered one family and one single briyani and you will not believe quantity was very less. family pack was equivalent to single briyani and single briyani was of half quantity.

  • Good

  • Awesome Birynai... Good

  • Delivered within 30 mins even it was told minimum delivery time as 65 mins.

  • As always good experience :)

  • I am getting Quality Food from Birinz.

  • Nice food.

  • good taste

  • Chicken was yesterdays, not good

  • The delivery was too late.it tools nearly 2 and half hours to deliver.its very disappointing

  • other restaurants they didn't collect delivery charges...previous they are collecting 20Rs/- delivery charges but now a days they are taking 40Rs/-.. delivery charges is too high in this restaurant..

  • i like the food and starters from here..but couple of things i dont like in the biriyani are unmixed masala, chicken pieces are big and doesnt taste well or not fully cooked.apart from these i like d rice taste..long way to beat out hyd biryani taste

  • i like the food and starters from here..but couple of things i dont like in the biriyani are unmixed masala, chicken pieces are big and doesnt taste well or not fully cooked.apart from these i like d rice taste..long way to beat out hyd biryani taste

  • Glad that I ordered from Birinz. If you guys maintain the same quality of food.. I will definitely be in your regular customer list...

  • Nice taste

  • Very Late delivery (almost 3 hrs it took for us to get the order) and inappropriate packing


  • taste and quality is good

  • Biryani in this restaurant awesome but add some breads and gravies it will be great for us to choose different items in one place

  • I have faced several disconnects with this vendor. Many of my orders in the recent past have been cancelled without any mention of the reason for the same. Upon contacting Birinz, they informed me that as the item is not available, they refused to receive my order. If so is the case, then why does FoodPanda have an option where I need to confirm that in case the item that I am ordering is not available, I agree to receiving a similar item of the same value?

    Request Food Panda to look into this earnestly and try to streamline their process further.

  • it's very spicy

  • Ordered boneless chicken biryani... But was delivered with a mixture of boneless and with bone chicken pieces... Not very satisfying experience...

  • Rates are high and not worth.

  • I ordered from Birniz yesterday after a very long time, and damn...they have really improved the quality of the Biryani. It was too delicious this time and the quality of Basmati rice used was exceptional. Just a suggestion, please try to pack it, when it is hot, I would have enjoyed it a bit more if it was delivered hot.
    The delivery time can be improved, as the Birniz packing store was just 300-400 mts from my home.

  • Excellent birayni n kebabs

  • All the time, very less number of pieces. They are charging more amount of money. Never follow the description

  • Nice Food with good and Excellent Taste (Chicken Biryani ) and Delivery with in time .The quality and quantity is worth for the price and packing is also good and i want to thanks for FOODPANDA for their Excellent Service with updates about new hotels nearby to our location.

  • Service was poor... Despite going after 45 mins to pick up... They confirmed order then and made me to wait another 15 mins

  • Mutton Pieces are little hard

  • 5

  • Nice food, came before the delivery time mentioned...

  • Good experience as usual. There was a wrong deliver for a product done but they have immediately corrected the same.

  • Good

  • Good taste...

  • it was not cooked well

  • I used to order biryani from abhiruchi thru fooppanda.... as the orders went on the taste and quality of the biryani went too bad....

    especially the last time when i ordered, it was too bad.... the worst biyani i ever tasted.....

    so, i stoped ordering from Abhiruchi...

  • Really good food, less spicy and got my order before time.

  • It is sooo good and reminds me the authentic hyderabadi biryani ..
    i have tried a lot of biryanis in bangalore to find this taste and even star rated hotels could not get it right as Birinz guys is offered. im very happy to have birinz in bangalore...

  • suer

  • Keep up the taste and speed in delivery

  • if taste knows words then it will tell biryani in birinz was tasty

  • I have ordered thrice from birinz biryani..the quality and quantity is worth every penny..will order again from this restaurant :)

  • 5

  • As usual Good delivery :)

  • Chicken Dum biryani was good.
    Egg Biryani was nothing great.

  • asking for some customization of ordered item but still not considered. It would be good if ordered item is customized as per customer's request

  • good food

  • I have been placing order to brinz for the last 3 years. This is one of the best place for take away . awesome food , must try lips smacking tangali kabab.

  • 4

  • we loved the biryani. but we had ordered chicken lolipop as well but we were disappointed with that. the menu card had mentioned 5 pc of it where as we got only 4 pc.

  • I have been a customer of birinz from the last 2 years.. But since recently I am feeling very disappointed with the punctuality and behavior of them. Last 2 times we received cold biriyani that tok after 1.5 hrs of order with continuous follow ups. Now the third time when i called up to follow up and asking them to send it soon so we can have it hot, they started giving an excuse by making foodpanda as the culprit for the last 2 experiences. But I tried to prove saying that its not foodpanda's fault but birinz's. Rather than admitting their faulr, he started threatening me, by saying that from next time onwards, he won't be accepting any orders from our area. Even after charging 20 rs for delivery and that too within 1.5km, i am not sure how could they say that.

    They seems to have forgotten who made them reach this level, instead they are threatening customers for their mistakes.. The way they were communicating was truly unacceptable.

    Request you all to get the respect you deserve before you make someone to reach the top position.

  • 4

  • Very good spicy food and super tasty

  • Ordered for family pack and got regular biriyani. Called up birinz people and the response was unacceptable.

  • Biryani is not so tasty.

  • Birinz Biriyani is always good from past 3 yrs i used to eat birinz biriyani.It's always nice exp.
    and coming to 'fp' Now a days online food become popular just bcoz of FOOD PANDA
    and their service by offering coupons and all.....Thank u fp.....and keep going.....

  • Too bad its quality!! Never order again!

  • 4/5,
    but better to add much more curry to the order then it will get sufficient to eat

  • Best ever

  • satisfied with delivery time, quality and quantity....

  • Good

  • asli hyderabad biryani

  • food is good.

  • food was good, Delivery also on time; but expensive compared to same level hotels.

  • It was nice exp with Birinz. I love the taste of Boneless Chicken Biryani..Quantity and Quality both are good. I recommend to my friends also

  • 4

  • packaging, - very good .
    delivery time- on time or before time , so i am very happy.
    food was hot and door step on the door.
    quality of food - top quality.
    money value - too low , having huge saving.

    actually , my feet is broken that's why my mother came to visit my room , and i have order food from birinz biryani via food panda then my mom was shock that at such a low money i have got such a quality and quantity of food on the door bell, so my mom was
    appreciating ur work .
    thank to u and ur team.

  • packaging, - very good .
    delivery time- on time or before time , so i am very happy.
    food was hot and door step on the door.
    quality of food - top quality.
    money value - too low , having huge saving.

    actually , my feet is broken that's why my mother came to visit my room , and i have order food from birinz biryani via food panda then my mom was shock that at such a low money i have got such a quality and quantity of food on the door bell, so my mom was
    appreciating ur work .
    thank to u and ur team.

  • I had ordered biryani form Birinz through foodpanda.com.
    Biryani was delicious and good quantity. The biryani Packing is good and delivery time is on time and hot .
    cost is too good. order of Biryani and you satisfied me.

    thnks to u and ur team member keep it up

  • I had ordered biryani form Birinz through foodpanda.com.
    Biryani was delicious and good quantity. The biryani Packing is good and delivery time is on time and hot .
    cost is too good. order of Biryani and you satisfied me.

    thnks to u and ur team member keep it up

  • Taste was so good...

  • I ordered from Birinz through foodpanda.com.
    Biryani is not so good but descent. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is not spice and when I ordered boneless Biryani they have just given the
    Dhum biryani by removing bones. Packing is good and delivery time is acceptable. Doubtlessly Biryani is over priced and not worth the total money. But, I can say you won't feel regret after ordering Biryani and you won't be much satisfied as well. Stands at Average.

  • Service is good, need more offers

  • 3

  • serving low quality food if the delivery address is same.. Should be changed...

  • Hi, this is karthik
    Your biryani tastes good. I orders twice a week from BTM water tank restaurent for 3 to 4 people each time. But i'm trying to convert to another restaurent as your biryani quality is not good in recent days.I found half basmathi rice and half normal rice which indicates poor quality food. I was upset a lot for this.
    please take care of this. bye.

  • pathetic food service...got food after 3 hours of delivery..called 20 times..
    food apnda is also pathetic..they donot know what they do with their vendors

  • The worst restaurant and above all, the worst website I have ever used.
    If you see, I have never ordered from you again. And I never will.

  • very bad

  • Awesome taste rt from Mutton to Chicken....u ppl rock in Biryani..!!

  • Today we ordered Tandoori Chicken full and one Egg Biriyani (Non-Veg Rice). Chicken was very nice without spicy. It was very tasty. Biriyani was enough for 2 people with 2 eggs.

    Very tasty and I recommend for everybody

  • Very good food, Excellent taste

  • Great taste and Good quality and quantity.

  • I order chiken biryani however they delivered Veg biryani

  • awesome hyderabadi chicken biryani. weekly once i order biryani from this restaurant.

  • Bone less chicken biriyani too good but i got delivery with less hot.

  • Awesome biryani.

  • it was Ok.. not so great .. expected little better

  • Authentic Hyderabadi biryani .. too good in taste and kebabs are just yummy .... good service , value for money !!!

  • I asked for mutton biryani through this website. And before placing the order I called up the restaurant to check availability, and they said its available.
    After I did the payment, I get a call that it is not available and place order for something else. And this happened to me second time with this restaurant. The owner of the restaurant was fighting with me over phone for this. Then I placed order for chicken items, and it was very bad in taste... and they still did not deliver what I had ordered. And when I asked the delivery boy why that so, he was very rude and said you can return the food and when I asked about my money he said talk to foodpanda people for that....
    I am not going for this place again!

  • Bad food and bad experience dealing with this restaurant!!
    I called up the restaurant before placing the order for Mutton Biryani, they said its available and once I placed the order and paid online.... they said it is not available.
    The manager Mr. Nagarajan and owner Mr. Raja, not at all hospitable people to talk to... almost fighting with me to change the order... Then after much reluctance I placed order for Chicken biryani for which they promised leg piece would be there.... but it was not the case and chicken was absolutely tasteless, probably even stale!!!

    Never ordering food from this place ever again....

  • Biryani was gr8

  • The quality of food is too good and i would like to buy another order from this.....

  • after a long time, had some nice non veg from this restaurant.. biryani is great

  • Biryani tasted so good as usual... fast service... :)

  • Chicken boneless biryani is too worst decresing your quality day by day you do same like this go to hell. try to improve your quality take care

  • Quality of biriyani is good..........

  • biryani quantity and chicken pieces also fine but BIRINZ need to improve some more RELISH............................Srinivas Yadav

  • Delivery was on time; food tasted good. Would have given 5* but i think FoodPanda messed up the order. Ordered for Chicken Biriyani B/L regular, Got Chicken Biriyani with Bone Large. Same was billed as well in the receipt. I guess this is a communication problem with FoodPanda, not Birinz. So all good.

  • The delivery was under an hrs time. We liked the biriyani we ordered. Quantity was also good. I will order from the place again!

  • Nice quality and Nice service

  • it`s very good. Andhra people will like it.

  • I love briyani to have in BIRINZ but this time disappointed "little"

  • Always on time and they get my order right - the food is great!

  • Biriyani at Birinz is good

  • It was nice with associated Food Fanda... your timing has been good... tasty wise also good..

  • It was very nice and same as hyd biryani

  • Very delicious food from Birinz.
    Prompt delivery.

  • Biriyani at Birinz is awesome.....
    The quality is good...
    Nxt time also we will order in Birinz......:)

  • Chicken Biryani at Birinz is awesome. I think its been the best for me in bangalore among all other restaurants. Chicken lollypop is very spicy. Kabab is good but didn't feel extraordinary like other items. Overall my experience with BIRINZ is very good and i will order again here. FoodPanda online service is excellent and very helpful. Dont wait any more, just order biryani here.

  • It's been a habit to order food at Birinz. Food varieties are limited but the quality and taste is Exceptional.
    If you are in search of only biryani and starters, this is a best place to order.

  • Biriyani at Birinz is awesome.....
    The quality is good...
    Nxt time also we will order in Birinz......:)

  • Awesome food........we always order Biryani at Birinz only ...rice and chicken quantity with price is good compare to many restaurants...

  • Delivered promptly & delicious food.

  • Promptly delivered. Decent food.

  • First time ever i had such a good Mutton Biryani. Kudos to Food panda also, coz we were real hungry and dying to eat anything like hell. So, first time used Food Panda and got Birinz and just gave order for Biryani. we had no expectations as we have never tried this, but when the food arrived and i opened the parcel we had a watery mouth just with the smell. Nice food but took delivery time more than told. A small suggestion to increase the delivery time on website if you deliver it little late so that the customer will be ready to wait. But i know you can win hearts with your food. Thanks for the service.

  • Got the food on time. Cash on delivery .. that nice. Food quality and price wise is good. Thanks Brinz!!

  • Food was good "BUT" we ordered 2 BBQ platter and they gave us only 1 !! Each n every item were packed in separate translucent packet "without" any label so while picking up the order we couldn't make out that few items were missing!! There was around 20 such packets of different item and the problem was we ordered both veg and non-veg and we had to open all the packets to separate them !!

    Chicken Bhiryani was a bit blunt ...I was expecting it to be a bit more spicy.Though veg Bhiryani and starters were good.


    very good and very quick service from birinz and tasty food worth for your price guys dont miss it. the quantity is also good. chicken Biryani and dry items are of more quantity for the price guys . Make sure you can buy better and tasty food at birinz.
    biryani inside the packet needs some more mixing cause all the white rice came first and then the spice.
    Paneer quantity should be increased. Read more

  • I've tried Biryani from near by restaurants and I felt Birinz was the best and from then on I've become one of their regular customer.

  • Had a Chicken Briyani (Large), and it was more than enough for a single person
    On the taste part, after a long time I felt I had a good Hyderabadi briyani - loved it

  • Very good and prompt service

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