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Behind Shivar Garden,, Pune

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Enjoy delicious Mughlai and wraps from Eatsome in Pune

Eatsome has been a star in the world of fast food delivery services in Pune. Here is one of the best options when it comes to having great Mughlai or fast food such as wraps or masalas. The restaurant menu provides an extensive ranging from size, sauce, flavor, veggies and extras, this wrap leaves no other choice to any second restaurant. Besides, it also offers a variety of Masalas as well as mouthwatering variations of rice treat. This kind of fast food home delivery will surely make your night perfect. So if you want to select your favorite Mughlai or wraps in fast and easy way; visit foodpanda.in, select the Eatsome at Pimple Saudagar in Pune and enjoy unforgettable moment of fresh, healthy and tasty. Don’t forget to leave a review after ordering from foodpanda, we’d love to hear from you and thrive on making our customers happy, always!

Reviews of Eatsome (Pimple Saudagar)

  • Its ok ok kind of wraps. I ordered chicken tikka wrap, it was dry but taste was good. And rice meal was big disappointment, chicken was dry and there was a plain rice, not sure how one suppoae to eat it.

  • Worsr taste of the food.

  • Even baby can differentiate between A Biryaani and Garbage... But eatsome cannot.. Just wasted my money on combo Garbage called Paneer Tikka Biryaani...

  • I am regular customer of Eatsome but on Saturday one of the rolls was not good. The chicken stuffing was off. It didnt taste nice and the delivery was 10min delayed.

  • No extra ketchup provided.
    Roll was insane.Not delieverd hot roll

  • It's like ready to eat products coocked and delivered. Very bad quality

  • I always like eatsome Biryani....

  • It was ok...
    Had better than this times food at Eatsome....

  • The food was very tasty and delivered hot.

  • Food was ok.

  • Filling in wrap was very less, and there new wrap Desi non veg- its only veg as I hardly found 2 small chichen cube only.

  • Nonveg rice combo i ordered was good.
    But all chicken pieces were from chicken breast and bit dry...
    I think you guys can do much better...

  • Rolls were very average and taste was not upto the mark

  • poor quality food this time

  • very tasty food

  • Timely and prompt customer support.

  • the 3 wraps combo was really nice. veg salad was best.

  • Goooood

  • tasty and hygienic food.
    happy me.

  • Sometimes the wraps feels different, but else...its all great...!!!

  • I had asked for double egg roll but instead I got mayo egg roll .

  • The food was a total waste. I was expecting hot wraps that I ordered, but that was completely cold.
    At least, it should be slightly hot, so that we could have consumed that. But it was of no use. Delivery time was good but the temperature of the food disappointed us!

  • quality not good

  • Order was not delivered at all.

  • thw food was not hot and they didnt deliver the food to my address. i had to went in the middle way to pick it up.



  • It was less quantity with average taste

  • Good quality food.. nice packing and on time delivery. Happy with their service and food.

  • Good food. Timely delivery.

  • No

  • Better

  • The wraps were not upto the mark. I expected quality wraps from eatsome but was disappointed this time.

  • Ordered paneer mutter masala. Was not good.

  • It was good look forward for such a amazing offers.

  • Good Taste

  • the roll quality was not good at all..

  • Food quality is good. You can go for it..

  • .

  • Paratha was too bad & mutton bhuna was also not good. Quality is getting down day by day.

  • Wastage of money.. wraps were like it was cooked 2 hours before.. worst experience..

  • Chole wasnt good at all. while aloo wrap was worth it

  • briyani was worst

  • food was not up to the mark. The wraps need to have more stuffing.

  • Awesome taste and value for money. Maintain the quality and price.

  • I had written a mail regaeding one of my order, I would like to mention itnhere again. Due to the paytm gayeway, my money never reached eatsome, ultimate I and eatsome were in a row over money.

    note: paytm deducted money from my account but it never reached eatsome

  • In time, and decent staff. Food quality could be better though.

  • Food items delivered were cold.

  • Exceptional delivery time, love it

  • good

  • Yes.
    In combo Chicken Biryani amount of chicken was very low which makes me dissatisfied with Eatsome. :-(

  • Paneer tikka biryani shuld hav a few vegetables too

  • Pack wraps in Aluminum foils to keep them hot.

  • wraps and biryani are as always good :)

  • Roll were awesome but the paneer biryani was not that good both in terms of taste and quality.

  • Order was delivered at 11:30 PM though I have placed the order at 9:30 PM. The food delivered was very cold and the paneer was burnt. Will think hundred times to use foodpanda and place order on eatsome

  • salad did not have chilles

  • Awesome wraps!

  • Very Happie

  • They should check the optional comments provided by customers on Apps.

  • Quality as well as quantity was good. I have been ordering from eatsome using foodpanda for long ad would like to mention that eatsome is deteriorating day by day.

    Wraps are not stuffed properly these days and softdrink wasn't chiled and hence giving 4 star an not 5.

    As for FoodPanda services, I would like to thank them for such wonderful offers and services. It help us save money a lot. Thank You foodpanda.

  • Simply its awesome

  • Aloo chatpata was the worst......but chicken kebab were good.

  • Rice with 4 paneer cubs and 2 table spoon of chatni is not at all worth Rs. 150/-. Waste of money and below average food taste. Ask them to change the name from "paneer tikka biryani" to "rice and paneer".

  • Pathetic food .

  • Food was fine. delivery was pathetic.

  • I ordered pranthas. and I got large size puri.. In pune no one knows north Indian food.. Or any food.. food here is at its worst. they use taste enhancers.. only.. No real stuff

  • No

  • Good Food, Enjoyed !

  • Quantity was less but happy with the quality n with fast delivery even in peak hrs. I'm frustrated with most of other restaurants for their late delivery.

  • First of all I did not give any rate to Eatsome ...if I would do,then it will be sure 1/5 only for delivery was on time. Tastewise it was worst ...no quality I think it might be only reason because it was 50% off.I will never ever order from Eatsome .

  • Eatsome Chicken Biryani was Good.
    Bit spicy for me because I dont prefer spicy :-d.

  • Gud

  • Delivery was pretty on time... Food was not so good.

  • I have order chicken and fish tikka wraps. First the quality of wrap was not good and also fish tikka was quite average. I did not feel that fish was there. I felt it like a egg wrap, felt cheated

  • time of delivery is too late

  • Quick food anytime during the day.

  • bakwas

  • Food was served after 1.30 hrs and that too was cold :(

  • Pathetic Biryani. My first and surely the last order on Eatsome.

  • Food was not good as other outlet .. It was cold

  • The amount of gravy was less and the chicken pieces were a little under-cooked

  • i got the order after 1.5 hours and then too an item was missing. Got that item 45 minutes later by when rest of food got cold.

  • lt's good briyani and more important thing is that they delivered before time.

  • OK good

  • Quick delivery.

  • food was good

  • Food ordered was cold and way past delivery time

  • Side gravy provided with rice can be much better

  • Nice

  • Rolls are good
    didnt like the veg biryani

  • 1

  • It took more then hour for delivery , that is also after calling three times . Even thout food panda say order is confirm , Eatsome never took order when I called them.

  • As always AWESOME

  • They have degraded quality of wraps.
    I was a huge fan of eatsome wraps but last 3-4 incidents changed my perception and I don't want eatsome wraps anymore.

  • A little less oil will make it perfect.

  • Probably the delivery can be made quicker

  • Delivery was much before time. So really happy with the service

  • If possible so increase quantity in small amount for vegetable.

  • Always good food served. Consistent Taste.
    Recommended Dish: Chicken Bhuna Biriyani.

  • oily food

  • no

  • It was too bad
    I ordered paneer tikka wrap n reshmi tikka wrap both were same in taste

  • After eating the food, me and my friend had heavy stomach problem...

  • Paneer tikka was not actually paneer tikka . It was more butter paneer

  • aloo matar masala with stuffed parantha is deadly combo. aloo wrap and paneer tikka wrap is also good.

  • Food was good. Quantity was sufficient. Timly delivered.

  • Great food just improve your delivery

  • I have ordered from Kharadi Eatsome many times. But if I compare Kharadi Eatsome with Pimple Saudagar, pimple saudagar wraps tastes pathetic...

  • great

  • Food taste is ok and not that much good.

  • worst service, I have ordered food many times from eatsome. quality is worst and even worst there delivery

  • They Didn't provide any extra sauce upon request also and the quality of the wraps was not upto the mark, it was too oily...

  • Its good. I like your service. Coz i get the delivery always on time. Thats why I always prefer to place the order here.
    I will be happy if I will get offer on online (I mean on laptop not on app). Thanks.

  • If it's more spicy then I'll be the regular customer to eatsome

  • No

  • The egg roll had almost no egg in it. Dissappointing!

  • Good food, quick delivery, great offers

  • Worst experience. Found an insect of 1cm in chicken wrap.

  • Good food

  • Such a roll for the cost of 90. Overpriced!!

  • No napkins provided, the eatsome box for wraps is very bad the wraps had become soggy due to condensation. No markings to make out Veg/Non-Veg on boxes. Some packs carried hand-written acronyms (PTW is Potato Wrap or Paneer Tikka Wrap, go figure). Not up to mark.

  • The taste of the food was good but the quantity that they served was very less(Really not worth the money). I hope they see to it.

  • No

  • delivery is real quick. rolls are superb overall worth the price

  • nine

  • good

  • Good food, watever was promised was delivered by FP & eatsome

  • I have mentioned in delivery request to deliver the food by 9.45. However, the guy reached with the parcel at 9.25. Delivery instructions not followed, bad service.

  • hi

    am not sure of your business model but as an observation some of ur outlets are GOOD and some are pathetic!

    I frequently visit model colony one and go back there again and again as i work nearby.

    same stuff when i order near my residence (pimple saudagar branch) it tastes horrible, almost inedible. twice this has happened the stuff comes cold, extremely oily (rolls) and tasteless!

    service is never on-time and very laid back.

    am sure at least this pimple saudagar joint is earning you more of a bad name than good.

    please look into it!

  • Awesome wraps :)

  • Good food, good taste. Reasonably priced

  • Chicken wrap from Eatsome caused stomach upset. Maybe the chicken was stale. How can the franchise not care about people's health anymore? I will be giving negative recommendations to my friends and well wishers.

  • Till now great experience. Keep it up..!!

  • The food was great. Delivery prompt. And love the paper bag in which they deliver food..... great initiative

  • Awesome food....and deal !!

  • Good food and delivery

  • Its Really good

  • Yumm and delicious !

  • The quality of food was worst...too much oily and tasteless.

  • The warps were quite oily, but tasted good

  • no

  • Give more discounts to regular customers

  • They are awesome.....

  • wraps are fine. but you should stop making gravy dishes. paneer tikka masala i ordered was like 6 cubes of paneer mixed in tomato sauce.

  • Nice.
    But it is often cold.

  • Nice.
    But it is often cold.

  • Quick delivery, but not so good taste.

  • Quick delivery, but not so good taste.

  • Good restro. Good food. Delivery on time.

  • The delivered order was not correct.. :(

  • tasty wraps and biryani..

  • Biryani is not real biryani. Timely delivery

  • Awesome mutton bhuna and paratha...... Butter chicken was also good but not like mutton bhuna......

  • While the delivery was before time, the roles were below expectation. I ordered following 2:
    Super Veg (or something) - Fully loaded with cheese and dripping with oil. Ate whatever was left after removing the oily & un-appealing lobes of cheese
    Chicken Bhuna - The taster was decent but again the oil was dripping all over the place from the roll. I ended up using 4-5 paper napkins (to soak the extra oil and wipe my hands).
    Dont think will order again (did it bcoz of the thursday 1+1 deal). Not worth ordering in full amount.

  • Nice food and delivery is within time

  • Very tasty wraps. Prices comparable to competitive brand. Have FREE option of whole wheat wrap. Quick delivery. Customer service also very good as seen when I had an issue earlier. Overall, gr8 repeat value!!!


  • Chicken Mayo wrap delivered in 20 minutes flat. Amazing.

  • Too much oily wraps....unexpected

  • Ordered Chicken Tikka Masala but they delivered Butter chicken.

  • I ordered mayo and free wrap as green chicken...
    But I got veg and some other chicken variety...
    I was too hungry so I had those... And this poor review is to don't repeat it please..

    We can't complaint and wait for our original item at hungry time...

  • Yesterday, I had ordered two Classic Veg rolls. The quality was below average, In fact, the stuffing inside on of the rolls was not cooked at all. Also, they have hiked the prices since the past 15 days, but the quality of food is on a decline. You are about to lose a patron there :/

  • Nice Hots wraps instantly delivered. Maintain this kind of service always.

  • Very quick delivery appreciated.

  • Timely delivery. Had ordered the chicken curry + rice combo. Ample portions plus tasty as well. Add the cheap prices (given the quality and quantity), I would definitely order again from here.

    Gave it 4 stars because of the plain food I ordered. Will review again next time.

  • Order whole wheat...gave regular.....

  • Scrumptious wraps. Well Done.

  • I have placed order around 12.15 PM and after confirmation it said food will be delivered within 1 hour but till 6 PM i have not received any food......very disappointed....pathetic service.....

  • Eatsome never disappoints, delicious wraps. Quick delivery by. Keep it up.

  • Excellent food and perfectly on time delivery.

  • took 2 hrs. to deliver

  • A bit delayed.

  • Pathetic home delivery service. I had to call more than 5-6 times to get the idea whether the order is being even dispatched! And, they had no clue, who went as a delivery boy and his whereabouts. The rolls were of the worse quality I've ever tried. I would definitely NOT RECOMMEND any one else to go for this worthless food joint, due to it's poor quality and of course, poor service.

  • Perfect

  • Fast delivery,good food

  • This time it was all good hot wraps and quick delivery.

    Note: However, the delivery guy thought it was COD order where as I already paid Online, then I had to write the order number and give it to him.

  • The wraps were not so great.

  • worst briyani i had in life

  • Great , and delivery was very fast !

  • quality of rolls is not good as they serve in dine in..

  • 1 for min. delivery
    1 for 1 on 1 free
    1 for quality
    1 for good staff
    & 1 for deliver on time

  • Good..

  • I ordered for whole wheat wraps. Clearly mentioned also and yet i got all my wraps in maize (normal ones).

  • good stuff.. and I liked the offer .. keep coming up with offers.. :)

  • nice

  • good wraps - but delivery timing issue. food quality is good

  • i ordered classic veg wrap and got corn wrap..than also it was good

  • Delivered within timeframe mentioned. Good wraps as usual.

  • good food...

  • yummy

  • When it comes down to economic, fast deliver. Eatsome is the only place in Pimple saudagar. Would be happy if their are more options.
    One suggestion to the Eatsome guys, please roll out some salads. There is huge market for health conscious people.

  • Always Love the service and quality and test and all...

  • very nice as compared to other wrap making chains

  • Great Experience...awesome taste....more than worth!! Prompt delivery....

  • Good food.

  • Quality was very bad. Not satisfied. Delivery was quick though.


  • This restaurant is good and delivers in time.

  • Food served was hot. Chicken biryani tastes excellent.

  • Good food. Prompt delivery.

  • Food is good, hot served, mix veg was as good as potato, soya exlent

  • This review is for food panda. Awesome experience in ordering. Keep it up guys.

    As for Eatsome , the wraps are nice.

  • Good food, Efficient delivery. Overall very good experience.

  • Online order is not delivered as said. I received Potato wrap after ordering Mix Veg wrap. Also the stuffing was less.

  • Sorry food quality is not up to mark.

  • Food was cold. 4 hard kebabs for 100 Rs. was not worth it.

  • Worst. Late delivery.. The onion they provided with Biryani was rotten... The Biryani was tasteless... Eatsome Hinjewadi is better.

  • Needs to be a bit more Hottttt i.e is faster deliveries..

  • Good service and tasty food.

  • good taste and good service

  • nice wraps... with quick delivery :)

  • Quality of food is good. Hygienic food, tasty and yummy. And the most important cheap cost foods. Well maintained, keep it up...

  • Very bad food. Quantity was very less for reshmi kabab. Ordered chicken tikka masala, but chicken pieces were nowhere close to being what chicken tikka is supposed to be. Normal chicken pieces were put in gravy and served as chicken tikka masala. Need to do your homework again restaurant people..

  • It was good however time committed by food panda was not honoured it was late by 30 mins

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