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Satguru's Punjabi Rasoi (Magarpatta) Info

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Destination Centre, Magarpatta City, Pune, Pune

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Reviews of Satguru's Punjabi Rasoi (Magarpatta)

  • food tasted good .. but upset my stomach really bad next morning. I would avoid ordering from here.

  • Biryani Qty is very less and it is full of masala.

  • Good preparation and service

  • Good food... Professionals at work

  • very happy with the food quality and quantity.

  • Chicken pieces were not fresh and gravy was also not good. Awful overall experience.

  • biryani was oily and spicy, chicken was not well cooked

  • I am a regular customer of Punjabi rasoi & believe me when i say Chicken tikka Masala was too Spicy. Surprisingly Paneer Tikka masala was better than Chicken tikka Masala.

  • Delivery was quick and food was good

  • No salt in starter Veg Crispy
    Naan and rotis were cold and chewy
    Veg Biryani was oily and. smelling

  • I would rate them as '1' - chicken was raw

  • Food was good but no beverage option in menu is bit disappointing.

  • Awsm Food

  • Nice food .. delivery is within defined time.

  • This restaurant doesn't care for customer requirement....the vegetable was very spicy....dal was not fresh....paratha had oil smell n more importantly he delivered the order within 15 mins of placing the order. I will never order from this restaurant in future.

  • Not good

  • Good food

  • food was not tasty

  • Quality was very less.
    Taste was ok

  • Quality degraded..

  • Good food.

  • Food received before time was aloted. was very early around 45 min.

  • Good food

  • I ordered a Paneer dish a day before yesterday and the food was disastrous. I'm not gonna order anything from Punjabi Rasoi anymore.

  • good

  • Good Biryani

  • Amazing food by Punajbi Rasoi.

  • Just great food and service.

  • good

  • Awesome food. Good taste.

  • Na

  • While I have heard good things about this restaurant, I found the ordered food (Kadhai Panner and Daal Fry) to be full of Red-Chilly and nothing else. That one spice single-handedly suppressed all other flavours. Even the Yogurt ordered had too much of Red Chilly in it.

    I hope the restaurant will soon realise that it is not about putting plethora of Red Chilly to make food spicy. It is the right blend of all spices put together that gives a recipe the aforementioned title.

    Not worth another try!

  • 4

  • taste is just OK i would say. I have taken food in NCR region (Delhi/Gurgaon) & if I compare with Pune food, its just average or slightly below compared to Delhi.

  • food was good:)

  • good service

  • This was the worst experience ever. I ordered Dal Makharani and they rather provided us with Dal Khichadi without intimation. Quality of rice was very less compared to our previous order. Punjabi rasoi is a good restaurant but just because someone is ordering using foodpanda, they should not alter the quality of food as well as replace one of the items.

  • Very Bad food. Too spicy with no taste at all. Did not like at all

  • The Paneer tasted sour. Hope it was cooked only two days before delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • really bad experience

  • Loved your food. Thanks

  • The food was yuck n even the quantity was so less

  • Complete veg order was delivered without salt in it.
    Food quality was very low...disappointing experience!!

  • I ordered a butter nan where as simple nan was delivered, The veg maharaja and veg biryani were tasteless

  • It was quick delivery and good food

  • Worst food!!!!
    I will cook better than it

  • Punjabi Rasoi missed adding one item while delivering and when called they delivered it. This caused inconvenience.

  • Content is reduced comparing to earlier days...I order chicken briyani and the chicken got over boiled.

  • Excellent

  • Liked the Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani was better.

  • Good Food

  • Dal tadka was worst

  • Rotis were not packed properly. No Chuttney provided with Starter.

  • The order was never delivered to me. Poor Poor response from Punjabi Rasoi (Magarpatta). Worst ever. I mailed Food Panda for refund and also called customer care but there is no reply. Poor customer care service. Never expected it.

  • Food delivery was 30 mins late and lassi packaging wasnt proper at all.didnt eat the food.

  • Improve veg Biryani, uncooked vegs were there in biryani, like mutter, bean etc..

  • Wrong order delivered

  • Food was very good.
    However, the packaging is very poor. The non veg food got mixed with the veg food.
    The restaurant can charge a bit more and invest in better/robust packaging.
    The poor packaging brought the rating down from 4.5 to 3.

  • Rajmah were not cooked well. Steamed rice were stale.

  • Did not like Item we ordered Paneer lasooni tikka

  • Chicken pieces were tough like rubber

  • they don't answer phone if they do they could never trace the order. They never confirm the order. Its not only them its food panda who is to blame for not confirming the order. Infact Food Panda customer Care number never works.

  • They delivered the wrong order twice on 2 consecutive days. Also the packaging used was very unhygienic.

  • Delibery boy was again asking money for the order.Hope next time it wont happened.

  • Food was not warm and chicken pieces were not at all good

  • The chicken lolipop was not cooked properly. Rest items were fine.

  • Punjabi Rasoi is quite expensive and not punctual.

  • Food was awesome.

  • its good but if delivery time reduce by 15 mins i.e. within 30 mins then it will be great . At least for those who live with in 500 mrt.

  • 4

  • Food quality was good but home delivery took approx an hour.

  • Food was not upto mark. Delivered wrong quantity.

  • It was great. Fast, tasty and whatever I ordered.

  • The rice quality of briyani is not really good. I usually order from this restaurant same this Panner Tikka Briyani. But this time rice quality is not so good. I simple throw that food outside.

  • They didnt provide sweets and rice as mentioned in the thali menu.This was a cheating by foodpanda.

  • Awesome food...Great service!
    Love this restaurant!!!

  • They have charged extra 100rs for delivery. If they cannot come to this area, why they should accept the order? Cheating fellow's

  • I love Food Panda, i have ordered online food from food panda so many times.but this time i was disappointed with the quality of food i got .
    I ordered Chicken tandoori and pind chicken (handi style), Tandoori chicken in which chicken was raw, not cooked properly and with pind chicken.. the gravy was soo spicy and the chicken was not cooked properly.

    I was very dissapointed with the food

  • The food was not well cooked.

  • Loved the food.

  • Food was not cooked properly.

  • Stupidly slow service

  • Cash on delivery order was delivered after more than 2 hrs of placing it.

  • The gravy of triple shezwan ricre had only 1 piece of chicken

  • They should provide few tissue paper with the parcel packaging. Food was good, only the box foil packing should be more tight so oil or semi liquid should not get leakage.

  • They always make changes in cold drinks. I order one they deliver other..

  • Worst ecpiriance with panjabi rasoi

  • Sorry to say but pathetic food quality and taste. I regret ordering for the first time.

  • Very bad behavior. They are doing good business that's why now they don't respect customers.
    I had very bad experience. It's better to take food somewhere else rather than facing their rudeness.

  • Very nice food quality, good test, but delivery time is pathetic. They have 60 minutes delivery time, but I got food after 1 hr 40 mins. After 1 hr of order I called restaurant for status but instead of speaking with me they hang up the phn. Very bad customer reception.

  • The quantity given in the combos is very less. This is a rip-off technique of the owner.
    NEVER EVER Order food from Satguru Punjab.

  • every tme good food and right on time!

  • The delivery was very late. The food was not hot it seemed they had prepared the food long time back and forgot to deliver it and then after repeated reminders the food was delivered.

  • The delivery was very late..

  • Food was too spicy

  • Seevice was very slow n they took 1.5 hr to deli ery rice n dal..

  • Low quality.
    Less quantity.
    Very late delivery usually takes 1.5 hr for delivey.
    After confirmation.. Needs to remind that there is pending order with them.
    Very bad customer relationship management.

  • The only con is high price. but the test will override the con. It is really good.

  • We ordered two diffrent starters but we got both same.
    and taste of food was not soo good.

  • Please send sufficient dip along with Kalimiri tandoori or any such dish and also raita with biryani. Maybe a medium bowl full should be good. What you send is too less! This has been raised by me twice in past personally, hence 2

  • No doubt food is good that's why always doing order with them , but now we are facing concern since 3 times, that they are not sending entire food in one shoot. This time they did not sent bread ( Rotis ) with other stuff and we waited till late evening to get entire food which was ordered. Last time they sent PRANTHAS instead of ROTIS. Before that they have sent different dish ( which was not in order ).

    Akash Agarwal ( 9552179264 )

  • The packaging was poor; plastic bags tied up with rubber bands does not really inspire confidence in the hygiene. The food though tasted surprisingly good which is what really matters. Overall, satisfied.

  • Food is execellent

  • Good food keep it up. If possible increase the quantity bit more

  • Very slow delivery got food after 1 hr

  • we have not received full order. Tandoori roti was missing from order which we have received.
    We got the delivert after 90 minutes. which makes me disappointed with the food panda and Punjabi rasoi service.

  • The biryani was worst ever I had. It was not Biryani In fact and it was a Curry Rice with very much spicy Achari Masala.

  • Excellent food with large portion size for each items

  • I'll give 5/5 , food was good and they delivered on time .Thanks to foodpada

  • When you cook chicken atleast check the quality of the chicken first and then cook it properly.

  • Food is over priced.

  • Not that good this time.

  • Chapati were very poor.

  • 4

  • Food was good specially Veg Bhuna.... Dal tadka was ok(found some stones under this)....
    One suggestion for the food panda is if you do not know that hotels/restaurent are not providing delivery options(or delivery within some limits), please mention it properly along with the restaurent name

  • Amistarari tandoori Chicken - really good and tasty

  • Good food

  • Disastrous, instead of 'rajma chawal' they gave only rajma... and when this was brought to their notice they said: "agli baar adjust kar denge " meaning we'll adjust your order on next purchase!

  • No

  • The food was good. But we had given additional information which was ignored was not appreciated

  • Ordered chicken biryani . .. usually its good but this time the chicken was a bit chewy & not well cooked.

  • Food is very good. specially Mutton Sukha and Chicken Keema Paratha. Delivery could be better.

  • I ordered food with 1 coca cola but at the time delivery they did not deliver coca cola. After so many calls, they delivered soft drink but pepsi instead of coca cola.

  • give 4 pieces in chicken masala instead of 3.

  • Quality is not up to the standards

  • paneer was not good

  • They always do late delivery .You need to call them multiple times still it takes more than 90 min to deliver . They are very very rude on phone . No customer service sense .Although the food is good .

  • Food was stale snd tasted really bad.

  • Satguru's Punjabi Rasoi, Magarpatta. name itself means Very testy Food both Veg and Non-veg ones.The one I love the most are Veg. Hakka Noodles,Mutton Biryani,Paneer Roll Paneer Roll,Egg Roll Egg Roll.

    You get the food in a good quality alluminium foil pack that too in sharp 30 mins and Hot too.

    And the best thing of all is Food Panda's flat 50% off and Buy 1 and Get 1 Free offer.I would like to share that Food Panda once adjusted Rs.10 for me when i changed menu due to unavailablity of selected items at the chossen restaurant-----Great Experiance!!!

  • we got the order after 3 hours.

  • Delivered order after 2.5 Hrs that too Paneer angara instead of Murg angara

  • It took them 90 minutes to deliver. That too when i called them after 50 minutes to query regarding my order status.

  • Food Quality was very Good. but delivery was done little bit late.

  • its 2 hours now i placed order, called several times, still not delivered.
    delivery address is merely 100 meters from hotel.

  • The order and its quantity should be the same when one receives it.

  • Its just AWESOME.....
    Paneer Tikka was AWESOMEEEE......

  • Average quality of chinese food

  • Punjabi rasoi terrible service.

  • delivered after 2hr and multiple calls even fr regular customers.

  • much better food was expected...
    home delivery order - veg schezwan noodles did not taste authentic, bland. ordered for gobi manchurian gravy, but received dry! and tandoori mushroom quality was good, but hardly 4-5 pieces.. for the price not worth it.

  • Average

  • Thanks, the food was less oily and tasty!

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