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Influenced by their neighbors India, Nepal and china, the cuisine is known for its use of noodles, yak meat and Tibetan cheeses from yak or goat milk, butter and soups.A few areas are not of high altitude, thus being able to grow their own rice and fruits. Meat dishes are made with yak, goat or mutton, dried and cooked with potatoes and some spicy herbs. Many times, the main course is mixed with yoghurt based sauces, giving it an extra shot of taste. A well prepared yoghurt sauce is considered a prestige item as it is difficult to cook. Tibetan dishes are being consumed in the North of India and various parts of Nepal, giving this gastronomy an international touch.

Tibetan cuisine: the taste of the tradition with foodpanda

Now, you have the chance to try amazing dishes such as Sha Phaley, a bread stuffed with beef, Gyurma, blood sausages, or Tu, a cheese cake made with yak butter- all of them can be ordered through either the foodpanda iOS and Android app or by using our website, whichever one is convenient your you. Both are easy and intuitive; you will not need more than 2 minutes to place an order of Tibetan food. Check our social media channels to take advantage of our various offers and discounts, and please, do not forget to write us a comment about your experience. We need your opinion to keep improving and give to our customers to best food they have ever tried, with a free home delivery!