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Blending elements of many South Asian traditions, Thai food is proud of its strong aromatic components, well known is the spiciness of the dishes. The balance of the five fundamental taste senses in each dish or overall meal is very important. Simple but harmonious, Thai food is a gift to your senses that you should try. Thanks to Foodpanda, now available in 14 cities in India, you can now order Thai food online from many restaurants, in an easy way from home using your computer or mobile phone. You will just need two minutes to make your order, and a little more for the delivery guy to deliver your favourite food.

Order Thai food online from foodpanda, the easiest way

Thai food typically consist of a single dish, or rice many complementary dishes served concurrently and shared by all. From rice to noddles, mixed with fish or meat, possibilities never end, and you will always find something that you would be up for. Through our App you can make your order Thai food from our top restaurants, and also, a new option, you will be able to pay online with credit card, or, depending on the restaurant, with Paypal, the safest and most reliable way to pay online. The pay on delivery option is always available too. Do not hesitate to make your order through Foodpanda. Enjoy your food!