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Order South Indian food for home delivery online

South India refers to five Indian states and three Indian territories. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are all part of South India. The same goes with the territories, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar, which are actually groups of islands and Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry), which means “New Town” in Tamil. Though these states and territories have different cultures, they unite in some ways when it comes to cuisine. Various spices such as cumin, coriander and cardamom are generally used in South Indian cooking. Thus, South India is labelled as the “Land of Spices” by some. Coconut, whether in the form of desiccated, oil or milk are generally used to make various South Indian sweets, savouries, curries and more. With the dynamic existence of foodpanda, which allows for order South Indian food for home delivery online, a time, energy and money consuming journey to various corners of South India is unnecessary. Enjoying a great variety of excellent South Indian desserts, tiffin, curries and other items from the best South Indian restaurants is conveniently possible.

Order Tamil and Kerala food for relishing anywhere

Though various spices are generally used in South Indian cooking, but the spiciness of the dishes vary from one South Indian state to another. Andhra Pradesh takes pride in being the state with the spiciest dishes among all the South Indian states. Some of its very hot and tangy dishes may make your mouth burn and stick out your tongue like a dog. So if you aren’t used to very hot food, keeping sweet South Indian desserts, sweet fruit juices or plain water by your side for getting rid of the burning sensation when you sample some of the hot Andhra dishes might be wise. Ulava Charu, which is a type of horse gram soup and Ariselu are synonymous with Andhra Pradesh. Ariselu, a sweet that is made from ingredients like ghee, rice flour and jaggery, has an equivalent called Adhirasam in Tamil Nadu. Karnataka dishes are the least spiciest compared to dishes from the other South Indian states.

Ragi Rotti, which is made from finger millet flour, and the sweet with the 175-year-old history, Dharwad Pedha, which is made from sugar, thickened milk and other items, are two traditional Karnataka food items. Sambhar, a type of vegetarian stew and Rasam, which is made from tamarind juice and other items are synonymous with Tamil Nadu. Kerala’s must try vegetarian dish, Avial is made from pumpkin, plantain, coconut and other items. A kind of savoury pancake that is made from peanuts, spices, rice flour and other ingredients, Sarva Pindi is Telangana’s favourite breakfast item. With the benefit of foodpanda’s Karnataka and Kerala food delivery to wherever you need, either in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, or Mumbai, and many you can now enjoy the golden opportunity to taste all kinds of South Indian food and drink items.  order

Speedy Karnataka and Kerala food delivery

Numerous Indian food outlets open their doors every day to serve those who desire to sample the culinary delights of South Indian cuisines. Here are just a few prominent places in India where you can expect speedy delivery:

  • Begumpur
  • Wakad
  • Khadki
  • Patlipada
  • Koramangala

Mouth-watering victuals from the best South Indian restaurants

With foodpanda’s order South Indian food for home delivery online, those who yearn to sample mouth-watering South Indian tiffin and other items can pick from a multitude of South Indian restaurants. Here are just a few South Indian style food items that you must sample once or more:

  • Dosa N Chutney – don’t miss trying this restaurant’s Maharaja Delight Dosa. It is made from ghee, rice batter, paneer, ring onions and other stuff
  • Kerala Fast Food – the Kerala style, Special Kerala Omelette is a delight to be tried at least once. The omelette has black pepper, Kerala chilli, grated coconut and other ingredients
  • Kuttu Kurri – enjoy this outlet’s thin pancake, Mutta Appam together with its Vegetable Mooru Kootu, which is a spicy, vegetarian gravy done in typical Chennai style as a nutritious snack or light meal
  • Little Hut – don’t miss tasting this outlet’s Chicken Malabar, which has chicken chunks, tomatoes, bay leaves, mustard seeds and other items, together with its Biryani Rice for lunch or dinner