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Order online snacks home delivery in India

”Snack,” refers to tiny amounts of food eaten in-between the main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many people get hungry a couple of hours after taking lunch or breakfast. This is because medical research shows that the body’s blood sugar level drops three hours after eating food. Once it is more than four hours after taking food, the food is considered to have digested completely. So when it comes to five hours or so after eating food, the body’s blood sugar level is low and may require replenishing by consuming food. This is when your stomach may make rumbling noises and you get the urge to snack on whatever food you can get your hands on.

With foodpanda’s expedient order online snacks home delivery, there is no necessity for Indians to hunt for food. Just use your desktop, tablet or smartphone to visit the site and order whatever healthy snack and drink you want for delivery to your desired location in India.

Reishing great evening indian and tea time snacks anywhere

Pretzels, tortilla chips and potato chips are three instances of popular Western style snacks while samosa and dahi vada are two instances of famous Indian style snacks. Samosa refers to a type of fried savoury pastry, which has a stuffing of ingredients like peas, potatoes, lentils, onions and spices. Dahi vada refers to a kind of savoury dumpling that is soaked in thick Indian style yoghurt. With foodpanda’s order online snacks home delivery, you can now order dahi vada or any other snack of your liking for teatime  or evening for delivery to your workplace or home, wherever you are in India: Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and dozens more cities! 

Efficient and speedy snack food delivery services

A great number of eating places open daily for providing Indians with marvellous and nutritious snacks. Several popular locations where efficient and speedy delivery of evening indian and tea time snacks can be depended on are:

  • Karampura
  • Indirapuram
  • Noida
  • Bilekahalli
  • Jogeshwari East

Nutritious, crunchy and tasty evening indian and tea time snacks

With foodpanda’s snack food delivery services, you can now sample amazing tea time and evening snacks of various seasonings, styles and preparations. Below are just a few suggestions of marvellous snacks that are worth trying once:

  • Just Fresh Point – all those who adore cheese or corn shouldn’t miss relishing the goodness of the restaurant’s Sweet Corn & Baby Corn Cheese Sandwich. A few slices of bread are filled with cheese, sweet corn and baby corn to make this delightful, nourishing sandwich
  • GymsKook – for something Indian and delicious, try the outlet’s Channa Chat. Tomatoes, cucumber, chickpeas, coriander, onions and other items are used to make this filling snack. For ridding your body of toxins and boosting your energy further, enjoy the chaat with the restaurant’s drink, The Booster. This detox juice is made from apples, broccoli, parsley, pineapple and wheat grass
  • Chiggi Wiggi – sample the restaurant’s Italian Bhel, which has ingredients like corn, tangy sauces, capsicum and nachos, as a teatime snack. To balance the tangy taste, order the food outlet’s Butter Scotch Milkshake. This awesome milkshake is made from ingredients like sweetener, butterscotch essence and cold milk
  • Spukies – for something Continental and sumptuous, order the outlet’s Mediterranean Exotica With Mayo sandwich. Yellow bell peppers, eggplant, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, mayonnaise and grilled brown bread are used to create this great sandwich